Pro Hairstylists’ Recommendations for Beautiful and Healthy Hair

Leading busy lives balancing work and family, little things can mean a lot and for women, it can simply be a good hair day. Naturally, we’ve all had our bad hair days, but when all strands fall into their place perfectly, we can feel like a million bucks even if we’re wearing sweatpants.

Unfortunately, most of us simply don’t have the time or the nerves for an elaborate hair care routine so great hairdos typically occur after a visit to a salon.  Hairstylists have the benefit of the full range of arm motion and a bunch of sneaky-yet-clever tricks that make our curls more defined, your waves bouncier, and the final result stunning.

Here are several pro stylists’ recommendations on how to easily have beautiful and healthy hair on a daily basis.

Wash with tepid water

Hot showers might feel relaxing, but if you’re being honest with yourself, they probably aren’t the best you can do to your body. Hot water can remove essential oils from your hair leaving it feeling drier and looking duller. It’s recommended youadjust the temperature of your shower water to tepid and you’ll discover it’s just as effective at getting you clean, without being too harsh on your hair. Something similar can be said for your skin in general – hot water can make your complexion dry as well.

When you’re putting on shampoo, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, you should apply it on the scalp whereas the conditioner should go on the lengths and ends of your strands. If you shampoo only the strands, you’ll strip them of their moisture and leave them dull and dry. However, your scalp is the one that produces oil and sheds dead skin cells so it needs a thorough cleaning. Once you're done with washing, make sure you rinse your hair to remove any hair product residue to avoid build-up.

Condition correctly

Chances are you’ve already been using conditioner regularly, but have you done it the right way? As mentioned above, shampoo goes on the scalp and roots, but the conditioner goes on the length of your hair, from mid-lengths to ends. Applying conditioner at the roots will weigh your hair down and make it greasy quickly. A useful trick when applying the conditioner is to distribute it evenly through your hair using a wide-tooth comb. It will detangle your hair at the same time. For the best result, the pro advice is to use a system of moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Use deep conditioning treatments

Another pro tip that goes for all types, textures, and tints of hair is to regularly do deep conditioning treatments. These typically take only a couple of minutes but offer great benefits – deep conditioning contributes to reducing breakage and split ends, improves hair elasticity, and restores the natural shine to the hair.

Trim your hair regularly

Regular haircuts aren't only beneficial for removing dead ends. They can also boost your hair growth, and make your hair appear healthier, thicker and fuller. Having expertly cut hair will provide an excellent basis for executing any hairstyle you wish. Even thinning hair can look fuller if cut properly. And with such a good foundation, you can style it up,add pony tail hair extensions, braid it or dye it.


Protect hair before heat styling

When it comes to drying your hair, a towel seems perfectly fine to remove excess water before you start drying it post-shower. However, it may not be the best solution. One of the expert tips is to squeeze as much excess water as you can with your hands and then dry it off using a cotton fabric such as an old T-shirt as it’s much gentler than a towel.

The next step in protecting your strands is to limit their exposure to excessive heat. If you frequently heat style your hair, it can do a number on your hair. You don’t necessarily have to abandon your hot tools entirely, just make one small adjustment when using them - every single time make sure you apply a protective product first. Spray on a heat protectant before any type of heat styling, whether it’s blow-drying, straightening, or curling your hair.

Keep your hot tools on low or medium setting

In addition to applying a heat protectant, try to keep your tools on lower to medium settings. Super high settings are only intended for in-salon treatments. If you keep them at a lower temperature, you'll still be able to style your hair the way you want to but without causing too much damage to your strands.

Only heat-style dry hair

Remember what happens when you pour water into a hot pan. The same thing happens to your wet hair if you proceed to heat style it immediately. This is why you should never use hot tools such as the straightener or a curling iron on damp or even slightly wet strands. It's worth it to wait until your hair has dried completely before you start styling it. If you need to speed things up, simply blow dry it first.

Take care of your scalp

Your scalp is skin as well that extends from your face, and just like the rest of it, your scalp needs regular skin care, particularlyexfoliation. Unfortunately, constant build-up of leftover products, oil and dead skin cells overload your scalp and compromise its health. A couple of times a month, use a micro-exfoliating scrub to thoroughly clean and massage your scalp letting it breathe and nurture your strands properly.

Change up your style

Sometimes the simplest hair care tips can have the biggest impact. Try changing where you part your hair – it could be all it takes. Change sides and you'll see how your roots have instantly risen. Also, you may be tempted to tie your hair up every day with the excuse of not having enough time for an elaborate hairdo. It's a classic do and very convenient not to have your hair in your face but pulling your hair up and tying it tightly every day will put unnecessary strain on your hair. Wear your hair down more frequently, and if you have to tie it back, use softer hair ties and make looser ponytails.

From properly washing your hair, and using the right conditioner to styling tools to how-tos, these expert tips recommended by professional hairstylists will help you maintain beautiful and healthy hair.



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