Traditional Christmas Decoration Ideas

There’s a Reason Classic Decor Still Has Power
There is anarchetypical quality to decoration in terms of proportion, coloration, and subject matter. Some décor is literally timeless, and Christmas décor tends to “live” in that category perpetually. You would recognize Christmas décor from three hundred years ago, and it wouldn’t look different in theme or content from today’s décor, it would only differ in quality.

The old décor would probably be more qualitative because it’s not built of plastic in a factory but was designed by artisans in a shop somewhere, with all love and care.

Today, crafty decorators still create beautiful works of art, and many homes take on that timeless spirit during the season. But how do you achieve it? Well, we’ll explore a few aspects of traditional Christmas decoration here to help get you pointed in the right direction.

1. Trees, Wreaths, and Poinsettias
Corners of a room, high areas out of traffic avenues, red colors, green colors, tinsel, mistletoe, and garland: these words should put a picture in your mind. You should be able to see the garland looped like half moons or sine-waves along the walls near doorways. In your mind’s eye, you should see the mistletoe hanging down.

The poinsettia and its berries should jump right to mind, and at least some of you reading this imagined several beside a fireplace. Now, these things surround the Christmas tree, which is decorated with bought and hand-made ornaments.

The front door of the house should have a wreath, ideally. Here’s a link to some additionalclassic decoration styles to help stimulate your imagination.

2. Flashing Colored Lights – LEDs Look “Classic”
The main difference between Christmas décor in 2022 and that from, say, 1722 is electricity. Back in times of yore and yon, they had candles, mirrors, and that’s about it. We have mini Christmas lights in all colors of the rainbow, and we also have LEDs that function the same way, but more reliably, and such thatwe can control flashing patterns with smartphones.

Definitely, classic Christmas decorations in the modern world will include some sort of colored illumination. Accordingly, pick up a few light strips and hang them strategically. Timers can be used to turn lights on or off at certain times of the day. Ideally, the lights should be left on all night to make every evening twinkle with magic.

3. Winter-Themed Decor Transcends the Holiday
A little music box fashioned with a mirror in the center and ice-skaters on magnets that seem to skate around the mirror may have nothing to do with Christmas, but it’s perfect décor for the time of year.

Even if the song the music box plays isn’t “Christmassy”, the décor will be perceived to have “Christmas Spirit”. Use snow-themed winter décor as well; think of it as a subconscious palate cleanser.

Decking the House Out As You Remember as a Young One
Trees, wreathes, poinsettias, flashing colored lights, and winter-themed décor tend to represent the “classic” nature of traditional Christmas decoration. At a minimum, hopefully, you’re inspired to mix up your own décor to reflect that “classic” feeling.


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