Choosing the Right Towels for Your Hotel

The best hotel towels fit your guest's comfort and hygiene needs. If you're responsible for purchasing the towels for your hotel, fabric type, color, weight, size, durability, and quality are among the things to examine. You can also consider buying bulk towels for possible discounts and to maintain consistency throughout the rooms. Below are some tips to help you find suitable towels for your hotel:

Find the Best Quality for Your Money

Hotel purchases often come with a predetermined budget. The right towel for your hotel will offer the most value for your money. You can find a wide range of quality, from cheap to premium luxury hotel towels. Before purchasing bulk towels, compare the options to find the best quality for your budget. Review standard attributes like material type, stitching and construction, volume, and absorbency. The towel doesn't have to be the most expensive option but must meet your hotel's quality standards.

Select Your Towel Fabrics Carefully

Towel fabric impacts many things, including durability, comfort, and utility. You need a material type that is soft, comfortable, and fits the intended purpose. Cotton towels are a popular choice in the hotel industry and may be used for bath and hand towels. They are typically durable, absorbent, and easy to clean. You can also find towels made from a cotton/polyester blend for the same purpose. Microfiber towels are quick-drying and moisture-wicking, making them ideal for hotel gyms or makeup removal washcloths.

Purchase a Variety for Your Guests

Hotel guests will use different towels throughout their stay, including bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, pool towels, and gym towels. Each towel suits different applications and requires unique features. A bath towel is ideally the softest and bulkiest because guests use it to dry off after a bath. Washcloths and hand towels can be slightly lighter. Consider buying different sizes to accommodate adults and children of different heights and weights. You can find towels in varying colors, though white is frequently chosen for hotel towels. This is often because they are easy to spot when dirty and can be bleached as needed to help maintain their clean look.

Consider Towel Weight and Density

Towel weight is typically measured in pounds per dozen or grams per square meter (GSM). As the number increases, so does the thickness and absorbency of the towel. Heavy towels often offer more comfort and plush than thin options, so consider choosing them for luxury bath and spa hotel towels. Lighter or medium-weight towels may provide a more economical choice for some hotels.

Purchase Bulk Towels for Your Hotel


Once you identify the right towels for your hotel, the next priority is to get a reasonable price. Purchasing bulk towels is one way to get a possible discounted rate for your hotel investment. Find a reputable retailer that provides a variety of towel sizes and fabrics for hotels and other hospitality establishments. You can often find the best towels for your hotel without compromising quality or exceeding your budget by purchasing in bulk.

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