Turkey Cryptocurrency Exchange: Popular Platforms You Can Trust

Digital asset investors in Turkey have all the reason to smile because the country has numerous exchange platforms to facilitate crypto trading. Whether you want to buy Bitcoin or sell Ethereum, you are a beginner in crypto or a seasoned investor, or prefer to use a cold or a hot wallet, there is always a platform to meet your needs. 


Turkey cryptocurrency exchange platforms are considered good if they list dozens of coins, provide enough security, and charge affordable commissions. As a crypto investor, this is definitely what you need. 


This article will cover the best Turkey cryptocurrency exchange platforms that you can trust and the reason to use such a platform.


NakitCoins Exchange


Are you looking for a straightforward and secure Turkey cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell dozens of crypto coins? You’ve just found one: Nakitcoins is the best option. It is suitable for both new and seasoned investors because it has high limits and charges affordably. 


On top of the web platform and mobile app, NakitCoins has on-site cryptocurrency offices in major cities where investors can buy and sell their cryptocurrencies conveniently. This exchange has enough liquidity to accommodate all of your crypto transactions within seconds.


All you need to use NakitCoins is an account. From there, you can either add cryptocurrencies into the platform’s wallet before selling or buy your preferred coin using your credit or debit card, direct bank transfer, or cash. 


Crypto.com Exchange


No matter which part of Turkey you are in, Crypto.com will help you buy or sell cryptocurrencies. It has a global presence, so you are not limited to trading in Turkey alone. Crypto.com is considered one of the best Turkey cryptocurrency exchange platforms because it is fast, secure, and charges a low commission. 


It has an internal wallet to store digital coins but it is recommended for investors to use secure wallets that are separate from the transaction wallet. This increases security when trading. 


Just like NakitCoins and other cryptocurrency exchanges, you will need to register for an account with Crypto.com for fast and affordable transactions. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that this exchange platform is very affordable for both beginners with small transactions and seasoned traders with large transactions on a daily basis.


Binance Exchange


Binance has skyrocketed into one of the largest Turkey cryptocurrency exchange platforms because of its strong global presence. It is reputable for transparency, affordability, and security. What’s more is that Binance has its own coin called Binance Coin. You can trade hundreds of other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, USDT, and Ripple, among others. 


The platform has a secure digital wallet as well, and you might decide to use this permanently. Like in the case of other exchanges, you will need an account to start trading. All you need to do is take the simple steps to register if it is your first time. 


Both the Binance web platform and mobile app are conveniently equipped with the right tools to help you trade with ease. 


CEX.io Exchange


This is an old cryptocurrency exchange that has established a good foundation in Europe and other parts of the world. It is a popular Turkey cryptocurrency exchange that you can trust because it is secure and fast. Although it was initially started as a cloud mining platform, you can now exchange numerous cryptocurrency coins at affordable commissions.


CEX.io works well with a number of wallets in Turkey making it even more convenient. You can also access it on your mobile phone through an app to trade while on the go. But if you still consider the web platform as your go-to trading platform, you can log into your CEX.com account on your laptop and enjoy the amazing services.


Coinbase Exchange


Whether you are a mobile phone diehard or web platform user when trading, Coinbase will take care of you. The main reason why it is a great Turkey cryptocurrency exchange platform is its global reputation. It is secure and convenient for all crypto enthusiasts. 


The best thing about using Binance is that it has an inbuilt wallet so you don’t need to pay for it separately. This makes the transfer of coins from the wallet to your account easy and instant. 


So, just register to get an account with Coinbase and then get a wallet for more convenience. Whether you buy digital assets with your bank account or other payment options, you can rest assured that you are secure. 


Kraken Exchange


Are you still looking for one more option for a good cryptocurrency platform in Turkey? Kraken is now on the list. It is another international exchange with millions of users, making services very interesting. There is a lot to learn from the thriving community.


Kraken is a great Turkey cryptocurrency exchange platform that you can trust because it is fast, convenient, and secure. All platforms such as mobile apps and web platforms are encrypted to keep hackers at bay while you buy and sell digital assets in peace. 


Again, you should register to get an account with Kraken to enjoy all the features and instant transactions. You will also enjoy affordable commissions for both small and large transactions. 


Changelly Exchange


When looking for a Turkey cryptocurrency exchange platform with a different concept, Changelly should be on the list. It is dedicated to crypto swap or exchange of one cryptocurrency for another. However, you can still buy crypto using a bank card as the platform evolves to accept other forms of transactions. 


It is equally secure, which is why it has gained so much popularity over the last couple of years. Changelly requires users to have an account to enjoy all of their services, which is a norm in many popular exchanges. 


As you engage in transactions, you will enjoy all the provided tools including an exchange calculator to help you make informed decisions. There is no point in wasting time when you can try Changelly or any other Turkey cryptocurrency exchange platform that we’ve discussed.


Final Thoughts


With all these options, you should have a solution when you want to trade cryptocurrency in Turkey. The essence is to find a reliable and trusted cryptocurrency exchange with security and affordable commissions. You can also check for more platforms to widen the options. 


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