How Walking Can Make a Difference for Your Mood and Health

People tend to disregard walking as an exercise because it feels too simple and easy. However, walking is anything but, especially in this day and age when so many people lead sedentary lifestyles due to desk jobs and entertainment that usually requires sitting. Walking is an activity that can improve one’s physical and mental health, and as such, it can turn into a wonderful daily habit. If you still don’t know about the benefits of walking, keep on reading.

A stronger heart

Have you heard that sitting is the new smoking? Unfortunately for modern people, our bodies weren’t made for sitting. And if you take the time to just walk for at least half an hour every day, the risk of heart problems instantly reduces as well. It’s amazing to know that even a simple act of walking is enough to strengthen your heart. Even if you don’t like actual working out, taking a walk shouldn’t be that big of an issue.

Post-meal walks reduce blood sugar

If you take the time to walk for at least 15 minutes three times a day after every major meal you have, your body will work its magic and reduce blood sugar. And it seems that this particular post-meal walking practice works better than a one-time 45-minute walk. If possible, try to incorporate this healthy habit into your daily routine to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Walking boosts immunity

During the cold and flu seasons, walking can make a big difference for your health. Again, repetition of this activity on a daily basis for just half an hour can boost your immunity which automatically reduces the risk of you getting sick. If cold weather is an obstacle for you, make sure to dress in layers and wear comfy sneakers as this getup will keep you protected and ready to walk even if the weather isn’t the best.

Improve your mood

Spending time outdoors while walking comes with amazing mental benefits as well. Actually, this habit can help you reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, relieve stress and even boost self-esteem! Again, all it takes is for you to get ready and go outside for a 30-minute walk. Enjoy this personal time surrounded by nature and fresh air!

Joint pain management

Aging and sedentary lifestyle all contribute to joint pain. But, walking can effectively strengthen the muscles around the joints that protect them, which also means that this simple physical activity will help you manage and ease joint pain. This is crucial for people suffering from arthritis or osteoporosis as well.

Your energy levels rise

You may think that another cup of coffee will do the trick and boost your energy levels, but if you’re truly looking for something to make you more energetic, walking is the answer. The activity will increase oxygen levels in your body which will, in turn, help you feel more alert and awake.

Burn the calories as you walk

As you already know, physical activity burns calories. In that respect, walking can be a great solution for people interested to shed a few pounds but who may not be ready yet to tackle the challenging aspects of the gym workouts. By adjusting your walking speed as well as the terrain, walking can prove to be an ideal starting point for calorie burning.

If you find it difficult to start walking on your own, don’t hesitate to ask a colleague, friend or a family member to accompany you. Unless you ask, you may not even know just how many people around you are thinking about taking up walking to improve their health.

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