Top Tips for a Carefree Family Road Trip

Are you planning another family road trip? Have you spent too much time calming the kids down and frustrated over bringing too much luggage the last time? Fortunately, we have a few tips to help you pack lightly but ensure you have all the essentials with you. We also have a few tips on how to keep kids in their seats without throwing tantrums and how to stay safe while on the road. For more information, keep reading.

Plan well in advance

Planning any trip requires good logistics and organisation. However, when you’re trying to arrange everything for a family adventure, the task becomes slightly more challenging. That's why it's of the essence to begin all the preparation promptly. Book the accommodation, set the budget, and begin making lists of all the items you must bring. Remember that lists are your most reliable allies, so place notepads with to-do lists around the house. If you have a home hub device with a virtual assistant, use it to add items to your online list easily.

Pack enough food and refreshments

Nobody enjoys a company of a hungry passenger. To prevent someone from acting out, feeling moody and ruining everyone's vibe, plan for enough snacks. Make sure you have plenty of healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables. For small kids, cut their fruits into small pieces and pack them in a Tupperware box for easier transport. Baby carrots, cucumbers, apricots, peaches, apples, bananas and a variety of berries will offer enough energy and refreshment to everyone. Bring enough water and juice boxes to get some sugar too. When it’s time to take a break, stop at a diner and recharge with nutritious meals to continue the road with enough energy.

Inspect the car

When was the last time you inspected your car's interior and exterior? Does it have any scratches, rust or iron marks? The last thing you want is to drive an unsightly car. Your car needs proper road trip preparation, so inspect it thoroughly before sitting behind the wheel. If you’ve spotted iron in the car’s tracks, you’ll need a powerful iron remover to solve the problem quickly and efficiently. It will dissolve the iron from the wheels, leaving you with safe tracks ready to hit the road. Don’t forget to check the tyre pressure, oil level, the functionality of your brakes and all the windshield wipers. Check if all the lights are working and if you notice any malfunction you’re not qualified to fix, take the vehicle to the mechanic.

Check the first-aid kit

After inspecting the car, it's vital to check the first-aid kit. You never know whether a kid will fall and injure their leg, cut their finger, or you'll come across another family who's had a car malfunction or, God forbid, a car accident. The first-aid kit needs to be fully stocked with all the supplies within their expiration date to ensure maximum security and needed help in an emergency.

Bring entertainment for the youngest

If you're bringing toddlers or teenagers on the trip. They'll need proper entertainment to keep them in their seat. While teenagers will probably stay calm as long as the younger kid doesn't bother them, toddlers will require more attention to prevent tantrums. If your toddler isn't one of those who sit in their seat and observe the surroundings you're driving through while asking a million questions, they will need something else to keep them occupied. Bring their favourite books, games, toys and other objects that keep them interested at home. Charge the tablet and have them watch cartoons until they fall asleep. That way, you will be able to drive in peace and focus on the road with more focus.

Take regular breaks

Taking a break is vital during a long road trip for physical and mental health. That is especially true if you're driving down a straight road with no curves to keep you alert enough. Once you feel like your attention is dropping, pull over to rest. Be it half an hour, an hour or longer, take as long as you need to recharge. It would be best if both adults can drive. That way, you can take turns. Not only will you take fewer breaks but avoid the risk of road accidents too. Stop at the diner by the road, a gas station or pull over to the side of the road where you can park, get out of the car and stretch your legs.

Going on a family trip is always thrilling but comes with plenty of preparation. Think well about all the supplies you need to bring, inspect the vehicle and ensure you have a fully-stocked first-aid kit. Don't forget entertainment for the kids, and take as many breaks as you need to ensure you're rested enough to drive carefully.


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