Why Most Websites Fail

So, you have a website for your online business in Australia. It’s well-made with good design, fast loading features, etc. But after launching the website, you notice little to no visitors despite how the website looks and how amazing your products and services are. There and then, you realise that maybe your website has failed. Why? In a nutshell, to make a revenue-generating platform, it must be optimised. Instead of taking a design-driven approach, develop your website from the ground up with SEO in mind. Remember, without SEO, your website development efforts may be in vain. This is the reason why SEO services in Sydney and other parts of Australia are in demand in today’s digital marketing landscape. 

Let’s have a more in-depth look at why most websites fail and what you can do to not fall in the same criteria. 

How Conventional Website Development Works

The website development industry is actually very straightforward. You find web designers and developers, either a friend, someone referred to you, or online. The whole transaction will depend upon the style and price the developers deliver, and then you have your site. 

But upon site launching, you realised that your well-designed website isn’t optimised for search. This means that your search rankings don’t change and may even plummet. Imagine being told that you’ll have to redesign and redevelop your website again with SEO in mind so that you can finally achieve your business goals. Overall, it’s not a fun experience and will turn out to be a complete waste of time and resources. 

A Different Look At Web Development

When searching for people to hire for your business’ online platform, you look at web developers’ portfolio. Usually, you won’t be disappointed since web design has improved over the years. While web developers are good in their own right, they are not precisely marketers or SEO specialists. 

To create a revenue-generating website, you need to disrupt the traditional web development and embrace marketing and SEO in the mix. It’s also not recommended to build your website with a templated theme. Many websites may use templates, but you should choose custom-built websites centred around your business needs and marketing goals. Remember, your website is your investment and may take time and effort to build it right. 

So, in creating a website, looks matter but SEO matters too! 

SEO Benefits

As we established rather thoroughly in the previous sections, you’ll also have to rely on SEO optimisation to be competitive online. Below are some of its many benefits: 


SEO is an inbound marketing strategy. This means that it is more customer-centric. Instead of bombarding customers with cold emails, cold calling, or interruptive ads like outbound marketing, SEO makes helpful resources and information more accessible to customers. 

Through it, customers will find you on their own, resulting in more qualified leads for your business. For instance, if your website is SEO optimised to a specific product or service that your customer is actively looking for, you’ll likely have interested customers visiting your website. 


Websites with a good ranking on search engines tend to have higher conversion rates. This is mainly due to customers becoming more acquainted with your brand, which they get to see after looking for a specific product or services that you also offer. 


When you rank first, second, or third on search engines, customers get the impression that you are at the top of your industry. Somehow, your brand is more popular than others and that many users were researching for you too. 

Work with Effective SEO Service in Sydney

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