How to See Who Liked Your Tiktok Video?

TikTok app is not only entertaining, but it is addictive as well TikTok likes here.It constantly attracts more people because they can easily display their creative skills.

Therefore, they create excellent content and then share them with others. Thus, these features make this app interesting for users.

If you are a fresh user of TikTok, you may have tried your best to create videos. Somehow, you can feel that the features of TikTok are overwhelming. But it will be easier if you create multiple videos on this platform.

Of course, you want to generate the best posts via this app to get more appreciation from users. First, you need to observe what the public need and what they think.

Their views are undoubtedly crucial for you because they guide you in the right direction, and you can try to create the best content for your audience.

Before creating videos on TikTok, you should consider how many people can watch this content. TikTok has the best algorithm because it constantly checks

who is viewing your content. You can easily guess what content you created from the comments and likes of videos.

Therefore, it is a significant feature if you wish to know how users respond to your videos. Besides, you can use these comments and likes as a perfect guideline for the afterward video.

How can you see the likes of TikTok videos?

It is easier to check the likes of your videos on TikTok because we have created this guideline carefully so that you can figure it out conveniently. Besides, you will surprise because this is the first time you notice this app. Follow these instructions.

Visit TikTok and open it. The first thing is a timeline can see and view leading videos of this option. The latest and popular videos appear first, scroll down for other videos.

To check people who liked your videos, click the ‘+’ notification button, and the first button is your need.

Fine, come to the second step and scroll down all notifications. You can check who visited your profile, comment, and share your videos.

However, it is time-consuming to examine all notices. But this is the route to see the likes of your videos. There is a list of people who viewed your videos, and you can press any name to view their posts.

How to check the likes of TikTok videos via desktop?

You can check it via mobile gadget, but you can view TikTok likes on a desktop with a similar process via a web browser. It is a little complicated because it will not show likes on comments if you use a desktop. Besides, there is a slightly different scenario to check the likes of TikTok videos.

      Download the TikTok app on a desktop via a web browser.

      Press the Inbox’ icon

      Go ‘Account’ icon

      Press ‘Likes’

You can view all users who like videos.

How to see likes of TikTok videos on iPhone?


TikTok has a feature to find users ‘Liked your videos on Android and iPhone. You can see how many users have liked, commented, or viewed your videos.

Thus, you can know what users think about and how to create the best content with their feedback. Follow these options to access your results.

      Open TikTok app

      Press ‘+’ and then press ‘Notification’ button

      Press the ‘All Activity’ option

      Press the Likes’ option

How to check the likes of TikTok videos on Android?


However, Android has a similar method to iPhone and follows these steps.

      Open the TikTok app and log in to your account

      Go to the ‘Notification’ by clicking the ‘+’ button.

      Press ‘All Activities’ and go to ‘Likes’

You can see all users who liked your video. Besides, you can also view individual users.

By filtering TikTok notifications, you can only view the likes of users who liked your content. If you wish to see all activities,

it is better to follow the above steps and view the list of users who liked your videos. Besides, you can check other profiles to get an idea for creating the best content for your post.


Top incredible ways to get more likes on your TikTok videos

However, the above steps are appropriate to see the likes of your videos and comments direct you to create appealing content for followers. But you should know what different ways to attract more followers for your content.

      Create engaging content

      Interact with other users.

      Keep following the latest trends

      Promote your TikTok account on other social media platforms

      Analyze account settings

Thus, TikTok has a more accessible and unique algorithm to interact with people and promote your posts. The number of likes of your content is the symbol of popular content and attracts more followers.

Final verdict:

So, you have viewed who liked your TikTok videos and read a comment to get an outstanding idea for generating the best content for your followers. Attaining user feedback can give you the best direction to produce the best content.

Keep monitoring who likes your videos and what they are commenting on. Follow the above steps daily to get feedback to improve your profile. It is easier and more efficient.

It is crucial to know about the primary features of TikTok to create better content. Move ahead and search for more extraordinary features of this social platform and make it productive for you.


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