8 App Store Optimization Steps



There are millions of apps in digital stores. Standing out from such a huge crowd is not easy at all. You not only need to develop an excellent product but also create a high-quality ASO strategy that will help you increase your visibility and climb to the top of the rankings. This short app store optimization guide will help you figure out what’s what.

Learn About Your Competitors

Competitor research is always on the list of app store optimization best practices. Thanks to such analysis, you can identify relevant keywords, get insights for creating effective graphic assets, identify problem areas in your app, and find what sets you apart from your competitors. Studying app market data will give you an understanding of further development steps.

Keyword Research Is a Must

To build the app, you must have been collecting the semantic core. This information is also useful for the app store optimization process. You need to know exactly how your potential customers will search for your title. Using relevant key phrases, words, and terms obtained as a result of ASO keyword research makes your service more visible and discoverable.

Know Your Target Audience

To create a product that will be in demand among your consumers, you need to know what exactly they need. You need to analyze the target audience as part of your app store optimization activities. You should have not only a typical portrait of your customer but also know their needs and how your product can help them fulfill their desires.

Optimize the App’s Icon

Your ASO checklist should also include work on graphical assets. Each app store has unique guidelines for creating suitable icons. However, you still have enough room for creativity and improvisation. Your icon should not repeat the pictures of competitors; it should stand out from other apps and convey a clear message about your product’s essence.

Optimize Your Title & Description

Any guide on how to improve app store ranking includes optimization of your app’s title and description. You need to follow the mandatory digital stores’ guidelines when creating them. Also, these elements should be concise and memorable and include the most relevant keywords. The Asolytics experts have found that titles with the product name and a keyword rank 10% better.

Include Screenshots and Videos

Screenshots and videos allow users to get a better idea of ​​your product. Use them to tell a potential client about the benefits of your application or game, visualize the main features or gameplay, and tell how all this will make the customer’s life better. A well-planned ASO process involves using A/B testing to find the most effective graphic assets.

Use Best App Store Optimization Techniques for Promotion

How to do ASO for an app to make it even more efficient? You can drive more traffic to your app store page through effective external promotion. Use backlinks, promote your product on social media, commission ads on third-party resources, publish interviews in the press, and create a branded website from which visitors can access the app download page.

Interact With Audience, Get Reviews and Ratings

How does ASO work? An effective strategy enhances your discoverability. However, it is impossible to retain customers without a quality product. If you created a service many people use, encourage them to leave feedback and rate your game or app. Positive reviews and a high rating enhance the perception of your product.


If you wondered, “What does it mean to optimize an app?” this manual should dispel all your doubts. Using it, you can tell your target audience about your app or game in the most effective way.


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