Type of Telecommunication Networks You Need to Know


Without the telecommunication network, it is impossible for many of us to communicate and transmit data to the places we want to transmit it. These networks are built through the use of different telecommunication infrastructure that includes cables, transmitters, receivers, towers, and whatnot. Depending upon the data transmission needs, bandwidth, and speed requirements, people opt for different networks.

Over time, there have been great evolutions in the network types and the data transmission speeds these networks provide. It is the telecommunication network and the infrastructure used for these networks that enable you to send audio and video signals to a great distance without any trouble. Each network varies from the other due to the medium and infrastructure used for data transmission; moreover, the type of signals used to transmit the data also differentiates these networks. Before you opt for a network and purchase the required infrastructure, you need to know the available and possible types of networks.

Keep scrolling down the article to get familiar with the most common types of telecommunication networks used.

Top 6 Types of Telecommunication Networks You Must Know

A telecommunication network is formed when several nodes and terminals are connected using various means like cables to ensure data transmission and connectivity. These networks vary from one another in their design, speed, and the type of infrastructure used. You need to understand what type of network you need for your connectivity and communication needs and then begin with the design and installation of the required network.

Below is the list of telecommunication networks that are used by various industries and organizations depending upon the needs.

1.      Wireless network

One of the most used networks today is the wireless network, which provides higher bandwidth and speed than any other network. This network uses wireless means to enable various devices using that network to connect. The data is transmitted through radio waves in a wireless network, which is why these have higher speeds. These wireless networks have become popular for many individuals, businesses, and organizations. People hire the telecommunication infrastructure Dubai located expert services to design and install the required network with the right infrastructure without any network failures.

2.      Local area network (LAN)

One of the best solutions to connect smaller areas or the connectivity provided to the nodes within a building is known as the Local area network. This type of network is ideal for small-scale businesses that do not have any connectivity needs to a wider area. These are ideal to use when you want to avoid the troubleshooting complexities and only want to connect with the nodes within the same building. These types of networks use different topologies like star, ring, bus, tree, mesh, and much more to ensure the connection of two or more nodes.

3.      Wide area network (WAN)

A wide area network is the type of network that is ideal to use when connectivity with the nodes in a different place, city, or country is the need. These types of networks are mostly used by organizations and companies that have their branches and client in a different part of the world. A WAN network is always prioritized over a LAN network because it has higher data transmission rates and transmits data to a larger distance with minimum data loss.

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4.      Metropolitan area network (MAN)

The extended and bigger version of the local area network is known as the metropolitan area network. The LAN is committed to providing you with the connectivity of the nodes within a building. In contrast, the metropolitan area network ensures connectivity of the node of one building with the node in another building. These are not the ideal replacement for WAN, but these are still better options to choose over the local area networks.

5.      Intranet or extranet

Intranet and extranet are the two most common networks used by various businesses for communication and connectivity. The intranet network is concerned with providing connectivity for the employees and workers within the building. In comparison, extranets are used by businesses to share details and information with other businesses and your selected consumers or partners.

6.      Internetwork

Internetworks are the types of networks that are formed by connecting several individual networks. These networks are connected with one another through routers and connectors, which are the only way to create these types of networks. To ensure the internetworks you have established for your needs is safe or not, you need to use the right and required infrastructure. You can hire the services of the telecommunication infrastructure Dubai located services to help you install the ideal infrastructure and ensure the design of required networks.

Final thoughts!

If you want to build a safe and secure network for your business and organizational needs, you need to look into the type of infrastructure you will use to establish the network. It is always better to hire the services of experts to help you understand your needs and then design the network according to your needs by the right and expert installation of the telecom infrastructure.

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