Best Angular Development Tools for Developers

Owning a website is essential if you own a business or enterprise. It makes it easy for you to get your desired clients present worldwide.

The majority of websites use JS (JavaScript) technology for developing frontend and backend and also for testing purposes. Because of this, JS frameworks like AngularJS, Node.js, ReactJS, etc. are becoming important for succeeding and developing multiple mobile and web apps.

Moreover, the past few years have dramatically advanced these frameworks as their popularity graph is increasing day by day. One of the main reasons behind the increasing popularity of Angular is the availability of the best Angular development tools for making the development process easier.

In this article, we will learn more about AngularJS development tools and their uncomplicated architecture, syntax, and extensive support of HTML. Let’s begin with the article then!

Top Angular Development tools for developers

AngularJS is a framework is an open-source platform that has MVC and MVVM that is Model-view-controller and model view model view structural designs.

These structures help in making the testing and construction of apps easier. Moreover, it renders components that are utilized in web apps with quick responsiveness.

The angular framework has been extremely useful in making dynamic web apps. However, writing code, no matter in any framework, is laborious work. So, here we will learn more about powerful Angular development tools that developers can use.

Also, while you hire Angular developers, ensure that they are ready to learn or are skilled enough to use these tools. It will help them develop your business project quicker.

1# Jasmine

Jasmine tool is a full-fledged testing framework that tops the list of best Angular development tools. Jasmine has aligned configuration that eradicates the requirements of developers to depend on JS testing environments or browsers.

Jasmine has a sporty, minimalistic, and easy-to-use syntax that gives a high level of convenience to developers while performing tests on the code. This framework works accurately while testing the Node.js code and various websites that support JS runtime. This feature makes Jasmine one of the basic Angular Development tools.

2# Karma

Karma tool is a QA and testing framework that happens to lead the list of AngularJS performance and testing tools. The Karma USP assists developers in testing their code in a true-life ecosystem.

Developers deploy Karma tools to test the products developed on real devices and browsers rather than simulations. The on-ground testing functionalities of Karma assist programmers in rapidly finding potential bugs, issues, and errors compared to a lab/simulated setting.

3# Protractor

Protractor is a Node.js program that is developed on top of WebDriverJS. This tool runs on real browsers that also provide end-to-end testing- a start-to-end testing structure. Protractor is one of the best angular build tools that provide easy testing and development services.

This tool genuinely performs tests collaborating with the app as any ordinary client does. You might not be aware of the fact that Google has developed Protractor.

It is one of the exceptional and thorough automated Angular testing tools that is made by the Angular team. Protractor will naturally synchronize tests on a page, and it is compatible with Jasmine, Mocha, Node.js, & Selenium.

4# Mocha.js

Mocha.js is a component-rich JS test system that keeps executing on Node.js and the browser. It also permits asynchronous testing making it adaptable with mapping and announcing. Additionally, this tool is compatible with Node.js and browsers for different purposes and intents.

For planning and reporting, this JavaScript makes the nonconcurrent tests and it gets adaptable for different accuracy terms. It’s amazingly appropriate for AngularJS programmers at the beginning and it is good for training purposes too.


This development tool is one of the best Angular development tools. Its USP ability can function without being dependent on jQuery integration. It offers developers unmatched flexibility and allows them to use for unique code directly and gain selected text input.

This tool also introduces mentions and macro widgets and finally enhances efficiency & cuts down the efforts of developers. This feature makes a highly desired tool for easy Angular development.

6# Bit

The bit is an Angular development tool for developers to create component-based apps and collaborate with them on Git repo components or other development environments. Using this tool, you can use a component-driven approach for building Angular apps for your business.

The bit will allow you to develop, design, and also test your Angular app using an integrated development env with specific dependencies, source files, dev configs, metadata, and artifacts of every component.

So, you will not require access to the whole codebase for running one component. You will have to import that component, update it as per the requirements and export it in the Bit. It enables you to share & reuse the components with the team across various projects.

7# RxJS

RxJS tool is a reactive development library for the Angular platform that provides robust tools for building asynchronous information streams. It will simplify the development of reactive apps by assisting developers to handle the data and events with more declarations and functionalities.

Using the RxJS tool, programmers can compose complex operations easily and maintain the asynchronous data flow of their apps. Additionally, this tool also supports multiple data sources like HTTP requests, user input events, and web sockets, making RxJS a versatile quick fix for solving unpredictable and complex events for solving Angular apps.

8# PrimeNG

Tool PrimeNG is a highly popular and also reliable Angular UI open-source component library. It provides a huge collection of specialized UI components like charts, grids, menus, calendars, etc. Its ability to integrate smoothly with Angular apps makes it a popular choice for developers across the globe.

Developers can easily and efficiently fix and develop dynamic and complex UIs by using the in-built components of PrimeNG. Moreover, this platform also provides important customization alternatives for ensuring that the UI is matching the requirement and feel of the user's app.

9# Restangular

It is an application service providing power commands for developers to use in the app. The commands like DELETE, POST, UPDATE, and GET can be used with minimal code. Restangular is also among the perfect choices for web apps that need data input from RESTful APIs. This feature makes the whole process of fetching data from RESTful APIs more streamlined and also enhances the app's performance. Restangular is also considered one of the commonly used development tools of AngularJS.

10# WebStorm

WebStorm is one of the best AngularJS IDE & text. It gears up by using different modern techniques for quick development. Developers choose to use the WebStorm editor because of the above reason. It is an amazing Angular development tool used for easy coding. Made by JetBrains, WebStorm is also an IDE that accompanies a Dart module that is already introduced inside the IDE.

One of the exceptional features of WebStorm is that you can see the live output of your code without visiting or refreshing the page. This tool is also a live Angular editorial manager that is compatible with JS, HTML, and CSS. It passes module packages before bringing the Angular content into the project.

Best Angular Development Tools- Final Verdict

We hope that the top 10 angular development tools mentioned above will help you develop your Angular app seamlessly. This is the list of some of the best tools that Angular developers can use and also recommend other developers to use.

However, if you are just beginning with AngularJS development, you can hire Angular developers to set the tools that are being developed to experience a smooth development process. Bookmark us for future technical purpose articles. Happy reading!

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