A Guide to the Different Types of Bolts

Good bolts make good things.

You might not think much of bolts when you're shopping for furniture or appliances. But they're an important part of building everything from houses to ships to cars.

If you work in construction, you need bolts in your toolbox. But you also need to know which bolts go where. Otherwise, you may use a heavy-duty bolt on a light-duty application or vice versa. This may weaken the application.

This article will help you learn about the different types of bolts. So read on to discover the different bolt options used in different industries.

Hex Head Bolts

Hex head bolts are one of the most common types of bolts used in a variety of applications. These bolts have a 6-sided hexagonal head shape. This allows for the strength of a screw with the ease of a bolt.

These bolts typically require a wrench to be tightened or loosened. They often have a coarse thread pitch for extra strength and torque. The sizes of hex head bolts range from thin, small threads to large, heavy-duty bolts for industrial applications.

They are also coated for rust protection, allowing them to be used in more extreme conditions. Overall, they are great for a variety of uses and act as a reliable, cost-effective option for projects.

Carriage Bolts

Carriage bolts have many different uses. They're used in joinery, either in creating strong wooden frames or attaching hinges and other fittings. They have a large, domed head with a square shoulder below.

The shoulder ensures the bolt stays in place when installed. The threads are slightly angled at the end. This allows it to easily penetrate the material it is being fixed into.

This bolt is generally made from either steel or stainless steel, however, other materials like brass or aluminum can also be used. It is best for when the finished product needs to look neat and uniform. They are often used in furniture but are a great option for any project that needs a strong joint.

Square Head Bolts

Square head bolts are typically large and bulky, making them particularly well-suited for applications involving hefty materials. This type of bolt is made from round shank bolts that feature a flat, square head. The large head provides extra strength to grip and hold heavy machinery or components without sliding or loosening.

They are available in a variety of grades and finishing options. They are most often used for items requiring high strength and vibration resistance. They can also be used for fence construction and structural components, such as security or lighting fixtures. 

Check out this webpage https://youtu.be/uark4vzt13c with square head bolts to help you select the best bolts for your needs. When selecting, you should consider size, weight, finish, and compatibility with other hardware.

Knowing the Different Types of Bolts

The types of bolts available are vast and varied. Regardless of your application needs, there is a bolt that can help you get the job done.

Remember, the right bolt makes the job easier and safer. Take the time to look into the types that are available to you. There is sure to be one that will work for your project. Try it today and be on your way to completing your project successfully.

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