Best Business Opportunities in the Tourism Industry

The tourism industry is booming again, maybe more than ever. We had a COVID-induced two-year break from traveling, and now, we’re all ready to hit the road, and experience new things. If you want to experience tourism from a different point of view, as a provider and not a recipient, here are a few business opportunities in the industry that bring fast and satisfying profit:


Lodging is the first thing people look up when traveling to a new place, before sights, before flight tickets, before guides. Since the start of tourism as an industry, lodging has probably been the most profitable venture. It does require significant investment, but once you’re up and running, it’s easy to get traffic and grow your business.


We live in a world of social media, and that’s not going to change any soon. People invest a lot of time, energy and money to get good travel photos for their social media pages, blogs and vlogs. As a freelance photographer, you can offer services to tourists and business travelers by snapping great photos of them in popular sites.

Tourist guiding

Today, there are a lot of things available online when it comes to tourist spots. However, human experience and knowledge are still the best sources of information on a specific spot, cuisine and landmark. That’s why people still seek out the help of tourist guides to make their trips more authentic and insightful. It’s possible to act as a freelance guide or start an agency that offers walking and cycling tours, excursions and specialized guiding events. This venture doesn’t require a huge investment but can bring you great revenue, especially in up-and-coming tourist destinations.


Today, many people are willing to travel to remote places in order to do exciting activities safely. For instance, if you book a thrilling desert adventure in India, you can expect to ride camels, go on jeep adventures in the sand dunes and watch the sunset over the desert. With your booking, you’ll get a beautiful tent to stay in (equipped with all the amenities) and have many guides to teach you all about desert life. Adrenaline and fun are a great part of traveling, so if there are any such exciting adventures in your area, you can offer travelers a chance to experience them safely and comfortably.

Vehicle rental

The vehicle rental business has a lot of potential all over the world. Since road-tripping is having a revival in popularity today, many tourists are choosing to rent a car and use it to visit various spots in the area. With a fleet of just a few different terrain vehicles, it’s possible to turn your car enthusiasm into a real job.

Luggage delivery service

Here’s a venture for all entrepreneurs with very limited capital—luggage delivery. Waiting around for your luggage to arrive and then dragging it all over the city to your lodging can be so annoying, especially when your luggage is delayed. This is where luggage delivery steps in. It’s possible to start small as a luggage delivery or recovery service that will pick up luggage at the claim and deliver it to the user’s accommodation. This service saves time and energy for many travelers, allowing them to enjoy their stay and make the most of their time at a destination—it sounds very attractive to busy travelers.

Travel vlogging

What is the first thing you do before starting to plan your trip? Besides checking some prices and tickets, you might also search for some vlogs of the place so that you know what to expect when you arrive. Being a travel vlogger can be a great business opportunity, as well as an adventure, for young and energetic people. You’ll need a good sense of aesthetics, good communication skills and an eye for photography and writing. If you already have a decent camera and a wide digital presence, it won’t be hard to turn your talents into profit.

Souvenir shops

Almost all tourists come back home with at least one souvenir to remind them of their adventure. Since the tourism industry is a multi-billion business, there’s plenty of money for souvenirs. It’s best if you focus on authentic, handcrafted and quality products made by local people because green and sustainable tourism are gaining more and more followers.

Event organizing

Many travelers require event-organizing services for welcoming parties, private events and business gatherings. As an event planner, you can ensure people are welcomed in style and allow the hosts to enjoy the party while networking, connecting with guests and relaxing. If you have a good connection with a few venues and vendors in your location, event planning can be a great source of income for your small business.

The tourism industry is very resilient because people have an unquenchable thirst for travel, exploration and adventure. If you can harness that desire to travel, it’s possible to create a very profitable business without too much investment.

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