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If you enjoy the sense of achievement and thrill of the competition that comes with playing video games, then you should consider a career in game development. China is an industry leader when it comes to the field of video game development. Gaining the right skill set, grabbing opportunities, and continuing to play games are crucial to building a successful career in gaming. Passion for gaming and love of the virtual world is the first step to gaining success. 

Get a Game-Relevant College Degree

In addition to your practical gaming experience, you will need some sort of formal qualification. A good starting point is to obtain a degree in programming or software engineering. The more technical knowledge and know-how you have, the more you will have the upper hand over your competitors. Earn a C.S. online degree to bolster your reasoning, logic, systems knowledge, and overall technical mindset. 

Consider doing an online degree. This way, you can continue gaming and getting practical experience while furthering your studies and keeping things at their own pace. 

Start With Practical Experience 

There is a multitude of fields in the video game industry, but the common denominator is being passionate about gaming. To figure out your gaming career path, it's best to do an internship or start off as a programmer. Various fields of interest include esports, games journalism, and technical writing for gaming guides. After all, China is home to some of the top e-sport players in the world — so there are opportunities to learn from the best.

Build an Online Portfolio 

Just as it is with most industries, the cornerstone of success in a gaming career is building up a resume and online portfolio. You'd need to do this before applying for internships and positions. 

For a resume, opt for a good-looking template by consulting an online library of free templates which you can tailor to suit your needs. These templates make it easy to drag and drop elements such as photos, colors, and more. 

Once your resume is done, make sure your online portfolio is up to date. A good way to start is by live streaming your games to get your name out there. Huya is a popular platform in China to stream your games. Seek out relevant learning opportunities where possible. 

Play Competitively 

Playing competitively can be considered a way of building up your gaming resume. It also gives you credibility if you're considering the field of video game journalism. To climb the ranks, you should choose a gaming platform and a game that you enjoy, then enroll in a gaming league and enter tournaments. Ensure you network with other players to learn more about the industry. 

When Video Games Become Your Career Path

When you turn your hobby and skill into a successful revenue stream, it can be rewarding. The key to gaming is to always keep playing and learning. The industry is constantly evolving, so you need to be open to upskilling while fulfilling your gaming career path. For more information about developing WordPress sites that can help you advertise your gaming experience and portfolio, browse WONGCW CMS.


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