Is using Reclaimed Wood safe?

The use of reclaimed wood has been quite popular in the past few years. From counter tops to home décor to flooring, people have become very comfortable with it and designers have advocated it. But of course, there’s still one lingering question: how safe is it to use?


Reclaimed wood is generally safe to use in your home. But of course, like anything, there will always be risks if you do not take necessary precautions. Hence if you’ve purchased your reclaimed wood from an authorized dealer, it’s most probable that your wood has already been processed and it can safely be installed in your home.


This is why it’s important to know the source of your wood. The only way to be sure your reclaimed barn wood is safe for indoor use is by having it kiln dried by a professional. Always wear work gloves and a respirator mask when handling, cutting, and sanding barn wood.


What is Reclaimed Wood?


Reclaimed wood is derived from the de-construction of antiquated wood structures where lumber has been “warehoused” for decades to centuries. Recycled wood from original stands of old growth forests are known for its fiber quality, density, architectural esthetics and character.


Most decor experts use reclaimed wood for timber frames, exposed timber trusses, open beam ceilings, exposed lintels, trellis work, fireplace mantels, reclaimed wood flooring, millwork, and furniture.


Old growth trees also are extraordinarily dense and very stable since these trees are slowly dried in place and dry to the core. The low moisture content lessens the tendency of the wood to shrink and pull apart, which is usually the issue with using new wood.


And very importantly, recycled wood is environmentally sound and sustainable. Most old growth forests in the US are luckily protected by moratorium from logging. So if you choose to work with reclaimed lumber products, you help reduce the pressure to harvest these old growth trees.


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