Six Ways to Make Money Online and Monetize a Blog in 2022


According to Growth Badger, there are 600 million blogs worldwide. Many of these blogs can be monetized and generate passive income or leads. It makes sense to be paid for the time and effort you have put into creating a website and blog content. Blogging is now easier than ever. Many people have turned to blog into a hobby and now make six figures per month from it. You might be wondering if it is possible to make a blog monetize from the very beginning.

Many blogs don't make any revenue. Blog Tyrant published a survey asking 350 bloggers how much money they make yearly from their blogs. Nearly 70% of respondents to the survey reported no earnings. Growth Badger is a content marketing blog that Kyle Byers runs. It explains step-by-step how he made money from his blog.

He didn't realize he could monetize his blog until he had a growing subscriber list and climbed higher on Google. Building a list is a key part of any blog's monetization. By building a list, you can build deeper relationships with your readers and sell them products and services. To make money with your blog, you only need to invest the time and effort necessary to create and implement the best monetization strategies. These are six easy ways to monetize your blog by 2022.

6 ways to monetize a blog.


AdSense ads Google

Messenger marketing

Product validation

Affiliate marketing

Virtual summits

Sponsored blog post

1. AdSense ads by Google.


Google Ads are the best way to make money blogging. It allows you to sell ad space on a blog and make money. Google will display various ads on your blog once you have set up AdSense. These ads can be tailored to your audience. You make money every time a visitor clicks on the banner ad.

Google AdSense's earnings depend on how many people visit your blog and the quality of their traffic. The more traffic your blog receives, the more money you can make. Before making any money, your blog must be approved for Google AdSense. To set up your Google AdSense account, review the requirements.

2. Messenger Marketing.


After bringing traffic to your blog, attracting new readers and growing your subscriber list are important. You can also place widgets on the website so readers can sign up via Messenger. You can, for example, place an order in the Many Chats Header bar that scrolls with users to increase conversions, slide in forms that appear at the bottom of your page, Page takeover, or full-screen forms with CTA.

Box forms that embed on every page. Buttons and the Messenger Window in the bottom right corner. You have many options for how widgets are displayed on your blog. There are many options for how widgets can be displayed on your blog. You can set them to appear when someone leaves the page. We recommend that you read our overlay widget support article for more information.

To encourage subscribers to sign up, offer a lead magnet. In return for their information, you want to offer something. Once people have logged in to the bot and taken action on your messages, you can redirect them to other channels. These include your blog, YouTube channel, or affiliate links. This is a great way to keep your readers engaged in your ecosystem so that you can upsell them later.

3. Product validation.


Bryan Harris's product verification method can help you sell different products like best tanning lotion for pale skin outdoor to your subscribers if that is your goal. Product validation, different from building large audiences before monetizing, gives you a clear picture of whether people will purchase your digital products. This involves sending a sales pitch or product description to small groups of subscribers and asking them if they would like to purchase your product. You could also sell the following products:

Online courses Use of digital assets requires a license Sites for members Templates and tools Music and art Services You can send them a link to a pre-sale order if they agree. You can send them a pre-sale purchase link if they do not buy. You have to sell the product if there are a lot of people who buy it.

This is what blogger Kyle Byers has found to be a successful process. Two of his 75 subscribers purchased a $499 product from him on pre-sale. He plans to continue to reach out to more subscribers, improve the offer based on feedback and raise the price later.

4. Affiliate marketing.


Another great way to monetize blogs. Affiliate marketing is a great monetization strategy. You need to have a lot of organic traffic and marketing knowledge. Affiliate marketing, especially blogging, can be a very profitable way to make money online. Affiliate marketing is selling products from other companies on your blog. You earn an affiliate commission for every sale.

Affiliate marketing is only possible if you choose products relevant to your niche. Remember that affiliate marketing requires that your blog has a targeted and engaged audience. Before you start looking into affiliate programs or referral strategies, if you aren't getting much traffic to your site right now, you should focus on improving the positioning of your blog and growing the audience.

5. Virtual summits.


Online summits, such as webinars or virtual conferences, are often used by bloggers to increase trust and generate leads. If you have trouble building a mailing listing, you could offer your readers the chance to sign up for a webinar in which you will be discussing topics of particular interest.

It is also proven that virtual summits can increase reader engagement. One case study shows that a single summit helped a blogger grow his mailing list by 600%. These events can also be used to sell products related to your blog.

6. Blog posts sponsored.


Sponsored posts are articles commissioned by third parties to promote their services on your blog. Imagine that you have a blog that is successful for stock traders. A stockbroker might ask you to write a sponsored post about their service. Sponsored posts are mainly promotional. These posts are meant to make third-party companies visible to your readers. Sponsored content is not subject to a standard fee.

The amount paid to a third-party company is negotiated between them and the blogger. But authoritative blogs with a lot of traffic can negotiate higher fees. The biggest problem with sponsored posts is finding a third-party company to partner with. There may be lucrative opportunities for sites like Cooperative, Sponsored Review, and Tomson.

Your blog monetization can be taken to the next level.


It is becoming increasingly difficult to make money from a blog, with so many ways to do it. Follow our guide to monetize your blog. Then, work hard to grow and attract a loyal readership. You will succeed in running an online blog business if you are focused on great content and smart marketing.

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