Sustainable Savings for Heating and Cooling Businesses


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As an HVAC business, it’s crucial to be profitable and reduce expenses where you can. Being able to cut costs without cutting corners should always be a top priority.


However, we’re also living in a society that is more focused on sustainability than ever. In fact, many consumers are exclusively leaning toward businesses and services that promote sustainability and eco-friendliness.


Thankfully, sustainability and savings can go hand-in-hand.


If you own an HVAC business, there are plenty of cost-saving moves you can implement that won’t compromise your work or negatively impact your employees’ salaries or benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the most eco-friendly ways to cut down on your bottom line.

Maintain Your Trucks

One of the easiest ways to adopt a greener business is to ensure your field vehicles are as efficient as possible. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to invest in hybrid or electric vehicles — even if your vehicles are gas-powered, there are steps you can take to reduce their carbon footprint, including:


       Regular oil changes

       Tire rotations and inspections

       Changing air filters


It’s also a good rule of thumb to have your employees plan their routes ahead of time before heading out into the field each day. By looking at their locations, they’ll be able to plan routes that are shorter and more efficient.


For starters, this will help everyone use less fuel. When dealing with high gas prices, using less fuel is an incredibly simple and effective way to help the environment and save money. It also means they can get to more jobs and make more money throughout the day. The more productive and efficient your workers are, the easier it will be to offer your technicians a competitive salary.

Market Maintenance

As an HVAC contractor, you have to wear many hats. Some of the most common daily responsibilities of an HVAC technician include:


       Service maintenance

       Installing and replacing units

       Checking electrical connections

       Cleaning dirty air ducts

       Replacing parts


You’ll also have to work as a walking marketing campaign for your business. While word-of-mouth advertising is wonderful for service companies, it’s also a good idea to invest in a marketing strategy that lets your customers and clients know who you are and why you’re different from your competition.


By encouraging customers to regularly get their heating and cooling appliances checked out, you’ll also encourage sustainability. Educate your clients on the importance of regular maintenance and how much energy they could be wasting if things aren’t working properly. Not only will more maintenance calls boost your business and your profitability, but the time you take to teach customers about energy efficiency can make a big difference in their sustainability habits at home.


You could also encourage customers to look into upgrades like smart thermostats in their homes, especially for people with older HVAC systems that could benefit from an update. These allow homeowners to control the temperature from anywhere, simply by using their phones. Smart thermostats are also programmable, so they can change throughout the day to optimize home temperatures and save people money.


Not every HVAC company specializes in smart home technology. Educating yourself and your staff on things like smart thermostats can give you a leg up on your competition while encouraging something that benefits the planet.

Invest in Renewable Energy

There’s no reason you can’t turn your business’ home base into a sustainable hub. It’s important to practice what you preach. If you’re trying to educate your customers on the importance of energy efficiency and waste reduction, you’ll have to show them how your business is doing the same.


Relying on renewable energy sources is one of the easiest ways to ethically cut business costs and help the environment. Things like solar panels are becoming extremely popular for commercial buildings. Because of that popularity, the cost of installation is also going down. While it’s still an investment, you’ll see immediate savings in your energy bills.


In addition to investing in renewable energy and making tangible changes in your business, it’s also a good rule of thumb to conserve energy in the workplace. Educate your employees on the importance of sustainability in everything they do. That includes turning off lights and machines when they aren’t in use, limiting water waste, and setting up a recycling station to eliminate plastic waste. The more sustainable efforts you make, the easier it will be for your employees to educate others when they’re working in local homes and commercial buildings.


Sustainability isn’t just a fad or marketing gimmick. While it can help your business stand out, it should be something you prioritize for yourself, your future, and your customers. The fact that many sustainable practices can also save your business money is just a bonus. Keep these ideas in mind and consider what you can put into practice to cut costs for your heating and cooling business.

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