Top LMS Features For Your Business


Top LMS Features For Your Business

Your business is prosperous, has become visible on the market, and must compete with real whales. Learning management systems features all the aspects you need to achieve a giant competitive boost. But what is an LMS? It is a learning management system (LMS). An LMS helps to save time by avoiding manual administrative tasks. It is a single platform that allows automated management, control, and creation of learning materials. 


Various LMS solutions come with different functionality. Depending on the types of LMSs available, the main benefits of an LMS may vary. Let's dive deeply into the top features of an LMS and check what modern Smart LMS solutions offer to benefit your business or organization. 


Key Learning Management System Features

LMS functionality is built around the main purpose—making training courses efficient. Plus, LMS functions come in a system and are cheaper than separate tools. When choosing an LMS solution, consider the following essential features of an LMS that are a must for any SMB or company. 


Smart Interface

Any LMS functions via the interface. Administrators conveniently access LMS capabilities and elements to develop engaging lessons and courses. For administrators and learners, UI must be simple to navigate, quick, and easy to adapt. In turn, learners should be able to find a required course and navigate the system or LMS features.


Course Management

It is an essential part of any LMS. You want your Online Course Maker should be capable but straightforward. Managing learners, creating groups and courses, uploading learning materials, categorizing and updating them, assigning learners, and obtaining reports must be smooth and swift. The higher the level of LMS automation, the better. Filters, layouts, easy course material management, massive assignments, and reports are essential for building an effective and manageable learning program. 



Among all possible LMS options, choose the one with more personalization capability. Those may include recommending training courses for learners according to their skills, previous courses, and other parameters. It gives everyone a strong feeling of a personalized approach while providing only the necessary and most efficient materials to learners. 


Data Tracking

People usually miss this aspect, but it is crucial for proper assessments and control. For example, AcademyOcean offers comprehensive statistics on every learner, including their results, times spent on courses, and other vital metrics. Another important thing is data migration. This feature is often missed, but it is crucial if you move from an older LMS. It allows you to transfer all the courses, materials, and learners in seconds. 



A certificate is your convenient and effective way to boost engagement and add value to your learning materials. Choose LMS with customizable certificates among all LMS options, as this will ensure a personalized experience. A learner may share it online, making your learning course and company visible. 



Neglecting security is dangerous in every aspect of this life. Choosing and using LMS is no different. Security is the central aspect to consider when selecting an LMS. Security also includes dedicated safety training for administrators. In some cases, such training may be offered by the service provider, but you can run them yourself using the new LMS.

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