Video Advertising Campaign to Try in 2023

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As the new year is approaching, it's time to sort out ideas for your upcoming video advertising campaigns in 2023. Video advertising is by far the most impactful effort to pull in new customers and generate sales.

Video advertising campaigns are everywhere. They have been on social media, tv, and billboards for years. You may have seen countless of them, but have you recognized the most enticing ones?

Business owners and marketers must find the right video advertising ideas to stand out in the crowd. We've rounded up eleven video advertising campaign ideas for you to try in 2023. Without any ado, let's dive in!

Video Advertising Campaigns to Try in 2023

A recent study reveals that videos can boost buying decisions 1.81 times. More businesses will invest in video content as a part of their marketing strategy. So, you must have your idea and strategy ready to lead the competition next year.

1. Animated Commercials

Animated commercials are still less common compared to live-action commercials. However, they have shown a rise in popularity over the past few years. Many businesses use animated commercials to introduce, showcase, and demonstrate their products or services.

The best trait of animated commercials is that they have no boundaries in delivering ideas. You can convey even the most complex and complicated processes through animated videos. With clear and concise delivery, you can capture buyers in no time.

There are many styles of animated commercials. You can try motion graphics, 2D and 3D animations, whiteboard videos, stop motion, or other types. There are many animation channels on YouTube for you to seek inspiration.

2. Announcement Videos

Creating an announcement video is a great idea to generate buzz if you have a new product coming out. You can evoke excitement by creating quality videos with a sneak peek of your upcoming product.

Tell audiences how your product brings value to their lives. Show some winning features and exclusive details about it to attract potential buyers. You can also add some deals for those who buy during the launching period.

Share your announcement video on the online platforms to reach a wider audience, This type of video will also create some space for audiences to get ready before the launching date. It allows them to allocate a budget to buy your product immediately after the launch.

3. Create Parody

Creating a parody on trending topics can give your brand a new and creative impression. It's a way to stay relevant to recent trends and leave a bolder impression to audiences.

There are many ideas for parody videos. You can refer to famous movie scenes, popular video trends, famous people, etc. Combine those popular scenes with your creativity and develop original ideas for your advertising commercials.

4. Behind-the-scenes Videos

Behind-the-scene videos are a way to connect with audiences in a more relaxed manner. You can show them how you produce goods or deliver services to audiences. Show them how your employees are having fun fulfilling audiences' needs.

You can add humor to spice up your video advertisement. Who doesn't love humor anyway? It's an effective way to get audiences' attention right on the bat and leave a better impression of your brand.

5. Day-in-the-life Videos

Day-in-the-life videos are a new way of advertising products. You can promote your product in a more realistic way by taking it into real-life use. You will need a model to show how your product becomes a part of their life.

The best trick to pull off this type of video is by working with influencers or famous people. Well-known influencers typically have a mass of loyal audiences that may have yet to be exposed to your product.

You can develop ideas like a short vlog for your day-in-the-life video advertisement. The influencer will have to use your product in the video and show how it can be a game changer for their problems.

6. Team Introduction Videos

If you want to try something bold, consider creating team introduction videos. You can ask some experienced employees to be a part of your video advertisement. Tell a bit about how and why your team decided to create the product you advertise.

Team introduction videos can also add credibility to your brand. It's an opportunity to tell people that you have top-level and experienced employees to support your business. It's also a way to appreciate your loyal and skillful employees.

7. Process Videos

Showing processes of how something is made is fascinating. You can highlight specific processes or stages to develop brand awareness. Quality processes can help you gain audiences' trust.

For instance, you showcase the production of your culinary products. You can highlight how you get fresh ingredients by supporting the local farmers and continuing to process ingredients hygienically. 

Process videos are very engaging to audiences. They are entertaining and fun to follow. In addition, process videos also bring valuable information. With that in case, you can turn them into paying customers effectively.

8. Reviews or Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are influential for audiences. Most buyers will look for reviews and testimonials before making the final decision. To buy or not depends on the product reviews they find on the online space.

To make your reviews trustable, you can ask existing customers to say a few words about your products. Create a story where your product or service becomes a great help for overcoming audiences' pain points.

You can also work with an expert to explain further about your product. An expert will help you build a stronger video advertisement. Audiences value experts as trustable people. They can wipe away any doubts that hold prospects from buying.

9. Webinar 

Valuable content is essential for a video advertising campaign. Audiences prefer valuable content to an advertisement full of promotional phrases and CTAs. 

You can provide a webinar to support your video advertising campaign. Webinars are suitable to approach all audiences, especially those at professional levels. Besides, a webinar is a great way to garner new leads for your business.

10. Live Streaming

Live streaming videos have many benefits for a business. It allows two-way communication between the brand and the audience. This way, brands or companies can develop real-time interaction through a virtual environment.

Moreover, 80% of customers prefer watching a live video rather than reading a brand's blog. It's a way to build a better connection between brands and their audiences. Live videos are also effective in boosting sales. Many brands held regular live streaming to offer limited deals.

11. How-to Videos

How-to videos are one of the most famous video advertising campaigns for businesses. It's an effective way to educate audiences about a product or service. Brands can create a clear tutorial to use or implement their product.

How-to videos are valuable content for a brand. It also can act as a customer service whenever buyers need a source of information to implement a product. After all, how-to videos are relatively easy to make.

Over to You

The above points are ideas to help you create video advertising campaigns in 2023. You can choose one that is suitable for your business and audiences. 

Moreover, video content is easily shareable across social media platforms. Consider also embedding one in your email marketing to provide valuable content for your leads.




Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video production company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 


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