Are Security Guards or Live Video Monitoring Better?

In a world where security threats are increasing, it’s crucial to make informed decisions about how best to protect your assets. There are two primary ways of doing this: hiring security guards or implementing live video monitoring. But which one is better? The answer to this question is not as simple as it seems.


Let's dive right in and explore the role of security guards. These individuals act as the first line of defence in many situations, using their training to identify and respond to potential threats.


Advantages of Security Guards

Security guards offer several benefits. They provide a visible deterrent to potential criminals and can respond to situations immediately. Furthermore, they can use their judgement in complex scenarios where human intuition and physical presence are required.


However, security guards have their limitations. They can only be in one place at a time, which can be an issue in large premises. They also represent a higher ongoing cost and require continuous training and management.


Live Video Monitoring

On the flip side, live video monitoring uses advanced technology to keep an eye on your property. It utilises cameras placed strategically around your premises that feed into a centralised monitoring system.


Live video monitoring allows for 24/7 surveillance of your property from various angles, which is not feasible with security guards. It can also detect issues using advanced analytics, triggering alerts for immediate action. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of human error.


Despite its advantages, live video monitoring cannot physically intervene during incidents. Also, system failures, power outages, or internet problems could disrupt the surveillance.

Comparative Analysis

To determine which option is better, we need to consider several factors including cost efficiency, effectiveness in crime deterrence, reliability, and coverage capacity.


Live video monitoring often comes with a lower cost than hiring security guards, mainly due to reduced labour costs.


While both methods offer deterrence, the physical presence of security guards may act as a stronger deterrent for some criminals.


Here, live video monitoring wins out with its 24/7 coverage and reduced human error.


Live video monitoring has the advantage with its ability to cover large areas and provide multiple viewpoints.

Finding the Right Solution for You

Choosing between security guards and live video monitoring largely depends on your specific needs, resources, and the nature of the assets you’re protecting.


While security guards offer personal protection and immediate response, live video monitoring provides comprehensive coverage and cost savings. Ideally, a blend of both could be the best solution for many businesses.


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