Important Points - If First Time Taking the PTE Academic Exam


Many universities, colleges, and government sectors accept the Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic). PTE exam is just like other English proficiency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL.


PTE helps non-native English speakers planning to pursue their studies in a native English-speaking country. In addition, one can give this test to check their English speaking level.


PTE Academic has four modules writing, speaking, listening, and reading. One must clear all four modules with a minimum score of 50-65 and a maximum score of 90+, depending on one's practice and efforts.


Is it the first time giving PTE Academic test? Do not worry; we are here to help. Connect PTE is a website helping thousands of people to practice online. One can take PTE coaching or can watch PTE tutorials but still not sure if one gets enough scores on the PTE Academic test or not. To avoid these thoughts, one can contact Connect PTE experts; they provide high-quality practice materials and free sample mock tests. They have helped thousands of people to clear the PTE Academic exam on the first attempt with up to 90 scores.


Impact of Small Things


Ever wonder how small things can significantly impact PTE scores? No, right! One can score high marks on focusing on small details and can avoid making common mistakes. Some of the common points have been written below.


  • Use proper punctuations (.,!)
  • Do not write all the text in capital letters
  • Check microphone recording is started, then speak and remember the recording will automatically turn off within 3 seconds if the one does not speak
  • Avoid taking a loud breath; it can mess with the responses
  • Do not write more or less than the word limit (the word limit is between 200-300 words)


PTE Exam Preparation Tips


Often, PTE test takers are confused about the direction of their PTE preparation plan. We have developed personalized top ten PTE exam preparation guide tips for those looking to ace their PTE test. Check out the tips provided below.


  • Plan ahead
  • Know the exam pattern
  • Daily practice on mock test
  • Start studying vocabulary
  • Focus on all four modules
  • Use good materials
  • Manage the time
  • Know question types
  • Keep an error log
  • Work on mistakes and be prepared


Top PTE Exam Preparation - by Section


  • Set targeted score
  • Know the PTE exam pattern
  • Understand the PTE exam scoring process
  • Select PTE preparation material wisely
  • Do daily PTE Practice


Note: If one has a big gap between his/her score and the target score, they must take time to think wisely and give the exam. Primarily focus on improving the skills with self-study or by taking PTE coaching or watching PTE tutorials.


Question Paper Pattern


The pattern of the PTE question paper is given below; follow the pattern and strategies to achieve high scores in the PTE Academic exam on the first attempt.


  • High Priority


    • Repeat sentence
    • Write from dictation
    • Fill in the blanks
    • Read aloud
  • General Priority
    • Summarise spoken text
    • Describe image
    • Retell lecture
    • Summarise written text
    • Highlight incorrect words
    • Fill in the blanks
    • Fill in the blanks
  • Low Priority
    • Essay writing
    • Answer short question
    • Reorder paragraph
  • Least Priority
    • MCQ - Multiple answers
    • Highlight correct summary
    • MCQ - Multiple answers
    • MCQ - Single answer
    • MCQ - Single answer
    • Select missing word

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