10 best ways to get more Instagram likes in 2022


It is a well-known fact that Instagram influencers can make a lot of money. But if you spend a lot of time on the platform and posting without planning, you also know that getting those coveted likes isn’t as easy as you might think. If you want to get more likes on Instagram, you need an Instagram strategy. 

Fortunately, if you want to know how to get more likes on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place. Let me tell you that you can even buy cheap Instagram likes from SocialPros.io. This article describes everything you need to get more likes and engagement on  Instagram posts, stories, reels and InstagramTV. 

  1. Find the best booking time 

Time is money and Instagram currently uses the algorithm’s timeline, but optimal post times are still important. If you’re using Instagram’s business profile, you can check  Instagram Insights to see when your followers are most active on the day of the week and the time of day. Post accordingly.

  1. Try the video 

According to some research, photos tend to have more engagement and look better than video because of engagement-and that might be good! Photos get more likes than videos, but on average, videos generate more comments than photos. Do what seems fruitful.

  1. Run a contest or ask questions to encourage engagement 

Asking questions and taking action is one of the fun ways to encourage your followers to increase engagement on Instagram posts. Hosting a giveaway contest has proved to be an effective way to attract followers. Freebie contests usually generate more comments than regular posts. In this way, you can monitor your follower’s feed and get more attention. If your followers regularly browse your story, it may help  Instagram posts to rank high in your feed. 

  1. Posts that content followers want 

It’s easy to say, but it’s wise to know what content your followers want to see. On Instagram, it’s easy to see that some content outperforms others. This is why testing is so important. Whether it’s a filter, caption, content type, or post time, every detail can make a difference. Stay on top of new Instagram trends and make sure you’re posting popular content.   

  1. Incorporating Reels into your Content Mix 

Reels are a fun video to share with your followers on your Instagram account. There are audio, effects and creative tools. You can share them in your feed or publish them in Explore to reach new audiences. Understand exactly what your viewers like and dislike when to post reels, and which subpoenas will resonate with your audience. 

  1. Curate the profile grid 

Most of your followers follow you to see what you will post in the future, not what you posted in the past. Bio is the best Instagram asset for users. Viewers want to know what they get when they click the Like and Follow buttons. A feed with a consistent theme and publishing schedule can have as much impact on your followers’ growth as many other growth strategies. 

  1. Use the appropriate hashtag 

Your goal on Instagram is to attract current viewers regularly while increasing the actual number of followers. Posting new, interesting and engaging photos meets the first requirement, but it turns out that hashtagging photos is very important to start growing. 

  1. Focus on quality followers 

There are (literally) 1 billion Instagram users. You need followers who will do activities such as comments, likes, and post sharing. Please rate your content and give it a sense of purpose.  Convert to leads and customers. 

  1. Consistently publish great content 

This is of the greatest importance not only to Instagram but to your overall social media marketing strategy. Not to mention the good content part, the consistency part is often overlooked. You may be able to get followers with great posts, but it’s getting a lot of attention right now.

  1. Focus on entertainment 

The entertainment element is becoming more and more important. When Instagram revealed how the algorithm works last summer, it said it was shifting its focus to “full-screen, immersive, fun, mobile-first video” content. Interesting content doesn’t have to be action-packed or cheerful. It just has to be interesting, creative, original and rich in expressiveness. Here are some tips for creating compelling Instagram videos. 


Engagement with your brand will be much higher, members of your target audience will share your content, and you will convert qualified leads that are interested in what you are selling or there are more opportunities to nurture. There is a much safer way to grow your social followers organically and get IG likes from Viralyft.com for your posts.

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