3 Possible Approaches You Could Take to Adding Value to Your Home

The question of value in property is a big one. Not only does it represent the initial hurdle of getting you the place, to begin with, but on the other side of the coin, it can tell you what the home you’ve spent so much time with is worth, and what that can get you again in the future. In a time where property value is skyrocketing much of the time, it can feel as though maximising the value of what you already have is important.

How do you go about this then? Which areas do you focus all your attention on? These are important questions to ask and might help you to achieve a result you can be happy with.

It’s All in the Design

What you might notice, first of all, is that there are certain things you won’t be able to change about your home. The space that you’ve got to work with is what it is, and you can’t just will extra rooms or a garden into existence unless you have the space to convert (more on that later). So, you’ve got to work with what you have, but that’s okay because how you design this space can make an enormous impact. It can make enough of an impact to convince you and anyone looking at the property that the amount of space present is exactly enough.

The trick is understanding the direction that you want to go in. If you’re trying to display your house as one that is worthy of a higher value than it might otherwise be, you need the decorations to add to that narrative. Tasteful but substantial implementation of furniture and ornaments, the touch of known designers as through Roberto Cavalli wallpaper, and commitment to particular interior design styles – these are all things that might lend your home a sense of presence that helps to improve its value.

Making Use of Space

So, how can you make the most of the space that you have? Looking at spaces of your home like basements, cellars, or attics can begin to provide you with a sense of direction for your next project. It’s easy to think about all the rooms that you might want in your dream home – libraries and entertainment lounges – but you might be neglecting the space that you have at your fingertips to make these a reality in your present situation. Of course, this could be great for your living situation, making you much more comfortable in the home where you currently live, but it could also be something that adds a great deal of value to your home, making it bigger and more appealing to potential buyers.

However, there might be a question that’s beginning to form in your mind when you think about this. Namely, could the money that you put into renovating these areas of your home ultimately outweigh the value that they end up adding to your home? Potentially, and that’s something that you should consider heavily if the only reason that you’re making these changes is for the value it could add. That being said, there is always the possibility that through the implementation of these changes, you begin to get everything from your current home that you might otherwise be looking for in an eventual destination, so it might be worth including that possibility in your considerations.

Efficiency Is Key

Turning your attention to the practical aspects of your home, it’s worth thinking about the efficiency of your home. Once again, this is a matter that might hold a lot of relevance in your life while you’re living there – a more energy-efficient home can save you money in the long run, whilst also providing you with a warmer and more comfortable environment. However, turning your attention to when you sell your home, having taken care of these issues already can promise those interested in your property that all of that is taken care of, and the place is ready to provide as hospitable and affordable an environment as possible.


This might mean ensuring that your windows are double-glazed where possible, all of your heating is as efficient as possible, or that your appliances aren’t as taxing as they could be. The key here is that you want your home to be robust. It must be aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching, but when people are making a long-term investment, they want to know that it’s a smart buy. 

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