5 Reasons Why Dogs Need To Have A Full Body Coat

Pet owners understand the importance of grooming. From brushing the fur to trimming their nails, keeping your pet clean and hygienic is necessary. But one of the most overlooked aspects of grooming is dressing up your dog.


The idea of your pup in cute little clothing is adorable. But dog owners are often skeptical about dressing up their dogs. While the aesthetic appeal of putting their favorite pooch in pretty clothes seems quite exciting, did you know that clothing can have more benefits than you think?



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Here we will explore five crucial reasons for dressing up your canine in a full-body coat to enhance protection.

1. Keeps Them Warm

Sure, dogs have a natural coating of thick fur to keep them warm and comfortable. But the thickness and hence the efficiency of these coats vary significantly between breeds. Several varieties of short-haired or hairless dogs are at risk of suffering from a significant drop in temperature. Do not forget, brushing and shaving your dog to keep them well-groomed also exposes their skin to the cold winds.


Also, young dogs often have a thin coat, given they are still developing. They also tend to shed body heat faster than their larger counterparts. These factors could make them vulnerable to intensely cold temperatures. Dressing them in comfortable and warm full-body dog coats can keep the canine warm and well protected from the cold weather.


The coat can also ensure your pet enjoys some outdoor exercise despite the cold weather. You can take your pup for a daily walk or some playtime in the park without having to stress about their well-being.

2. Helps Protect Their Skin

Shaving your dog's coat can improve their comfort. It also makes it easy to bathe and brush them. But one of the biggest challenges arising from over-shaving your dog, especially near summers, is that it can expose their fragile skin to intense UV radiations.


The natural fur provides the necessary insulation for this skin. In the absence of hair, the skin is at an increased risk of damage leading to severe skin conditions. A lightweight and comfortable body coat for your dog will keep them protected and happy. It will offer an additional layer of insulation for your pet and keep their skin protected from UV exposure.


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This way, they can run and play outside and enjoy the glistening sun without risking skin problems. Also, summer coats ensure proper air circulation to keep your pet feeling warm but not too hot.

3. Keeps Them Clean

A full-body coat on your canine can be an efficient way to keep the dirt off of their fur. Dogs tend to attract a lot of dirt to their fur when they go outside. The dirtier they get, the more frequent the baths they need to keep clean and healthy. But experts say that bathing your dog too frequently can affect the quality of their fur and have implications on their long-term health.


A high-quality coat will keep their fur away from coming in contact with dirt. You can invest in a pair of body coats to alternate between them. All you need to do is replace the coat and wash them, and your pet is good to go. They can enjoy rolling around in grass and playing fetch in the dirt without requiring a bath immediately after. 

4. Helps With Age-Related Ailments

Dogs tend to experience a significant drop in immunity with age. They are prone to ailments during this stage and therefore require optimal protection for best health. 


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A full-body coat can keep them warm and well protected in cold and hot weather. It can reduce the chances of developing common ailments like cold or fever, given aged dogs have a lower capacity to maintain body heat. It also reduces the intensification of conditions like arthritis from exposure to low temperatures. This way, your pet can get on with their day feeling healthy and energetic without suffering from pain catalyzed by the cold.


Coats also act as a barrier for ticks or other infestations that could spread from contact with grass, bushes. It alleviates the chances of developing an infection that could challenge their already feeble immune system.

5. Makes Them Visible

Whether you enjoy a fun nighttime walk with your pet or let them off the leash to play or hunt, having a full coat, preferably in a bright color, can help you track them wherever they go. A vibrantly colored coat will be visible from even the farthest distance that will help you keep your pup safe. You can explore coats with fluorescent illumination at night to make sure they don’t wander far off.


Of course, don`t forget that a coat can add a lot of style to your pet. It can match their personality and make them the center of attention, which they will love.

Things To Remember


  1. Always choose coats that are easy to wear and remove. Make sure the material is soft and comfortable for your pet. Otherwise, it could make them restless and stressed.
  2. Be careful while dressing them up. Some dogs may find it repulsive to wear a coat initially. Give them time to feel comfortable and safe. Let them smell the cloth before dressing, so they don’t feel unusual or scared.
  3. Make sure the coat fits them well. If the cost is too tight, it could hinder movement and make your pup uncomfortable. If it is too loose, it might not embrace your pup’s skin well to keep warm.


Investing in a high-quality full-body coat for your canine can have several benefits. It can keep them protected from extreme weather and infections, thus leading to a healthy and happy life. Don’t forget that these coats add a style and fun factor to your pet's life.


Explore the many different styles of dog garments available on the market and let Fido enjoy the attention and comfort.



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