Bottom-Dwelling Fish: Which Is Best for Your Aquarium?

Did you know that bottom-dwelling fish often contain high levels of PCBs and other harmful chemicals?

Although they aren't the safest to eat, bottom-dwelling fish are perfect for aquariums. The reason they contain such dangerous levels is that they eat algae and other plant materials that help keep the water clean.

Read below if you want to discover the best bottom-dwelling fish that will go perfectly in your aquarium!

Zebra Loach

One of the coolest-looking bottom-dwelling fish that you can add to your aquarium is the Zebra Loach.

Zebra Loaches are a whitish-orange color with black stripes. This rare fish thrives in freshwater aquariums and they don't follow a nocturnal schedule. Instead of filling your tank with fish that sleep while your awake, these fish can keep the tank alive during the daytime.

Many people are drawn to Zebra Loaches because they are easy to care for. As long as you provide hiding spots and keep the tank clean, you shouldn't have any issues with these breeds.

Twig Catfish

Twig Catfish are fun aquarium fish that looks like a black and white line.

Although these fish start small and skinny, they can grow up to half a foot long. Some people have a hard time locating Twig Catfish since they can easily blend in with seaweed and other plants. The purpose of their shape and color is to add protection against natural predators.

If you want healthy catfish, keep your tank clean and ensure that it's getting oxygenated.

Biota Green Mandarin

If you're looking to brighten your freshwater aquarium, Biota Green Mandarin fish is recommended.

This beautiful bottom-dweller will show off its vibrant shades of green, blue, and orange. This is one of the most attractive fish in the world and once you see one in person, you'll understand why. Biota Green Mandarin fish can survive off of live and frozen foods.

Avoid putting more than one Green Mandarin fish in your tank, especially if it's the same sex as the other. These fish are known for becoming aggressive with each other but aren't dangerous.

Bumblebee Goby

Gobies are one of the most well-known bottom-dwelling fish.

Bumblebee Gobies, however, are a unique variation with black and yellow stripes across its body. These fish are playful and love to get in each other's way in the tank, they even get energetic bursts of energy!

It's important to note that if you want your underwater bumblebees to survive, you need to put them in brackish water.

Add Fun Bottom-Dwelling Fish to Your Tank

When it comes to bottom-dwelling fish, some of them are known for their beautiful appearances while others are playful.

Depending on the type of water you have and your other fish, you can find suitable additions to your tank. The great thing about putting bottom feeders in your tank is that they help keep the entire ecosystem clean by eating algae and bacteria.


If you want to learn more about aquarium fish and making your home a peaceful sanctuary! 

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