How To Create Interest in Kids for Outdoor Boxes

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Kid-centric outdoor subscription boxes are fantastic edutainment tools. They come each month loaded with games, crafts, and other fun, age-appropriate activities that make exploring and learning about the outdoors fun. Children can learn about animals, plants, astronomy, and more using outdoor subscription boxes, not to mention the health benefits of spending time outdoors.

However, children can only enjoy and reap maximum value from a kid-centric monthly outdoor box if they develop an interest in the boxes’ themes and activities. So, how do you get your children to develop an interest in kid-centric outdoor subscription boxes? Keep reading for some helpful tips.

1.   Lead By Example


Outdoor activities are good for everyone, including adults. Unfortunately, one survey showed that Americans spend approximately 90% of their time indoors, where air pollution levels are 2-5 times higher than outdoors.

Besides breathing better quality air, spending time outdoors reduces stress for kids and adults. One study shows that outdoor play stimulates a child’s imagination and senses, lowers their risk of developing obesity and improves sleep and concentration. Moreover, it inculcates social skills like forming healthy friendships, taking turns, and social problem-solving; such skills are invaluable in adulthood.

Children often engage in observational learning, watching and imitating what others do. So, channel your inner child and go outside and play, and they will likely follow suit. Leading by example is a more effective teaching method than lecturing them about the benefits of being outdoors. Moreover, it allows you to bond with your children and discover their interests and hidden talents.

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2.   Plan Outdoor Family Activities


While the impromptu play is fun, you can add more structure to your day by planning outdoor activities. You can plan activities within or outside your home, depending on your availability.

Get your children involved in planning the activities by creating an activity jar where each child drops in an outdoor activity they would like to do. Allowing them to choose an activity inspires confidence, spurs creativity, and will make them look forward to being outdoors.

Some fun activity ideas to put in the activity jar include scavenger hunts, star gazing, visiting a farm, picnics, walks, planting a garden, swimming, outdoor cleanup activities, and games like hopscotch and hide and seek. The possibilities are endless, so encourage your kids to get creative with the activity jar.

3.   Plan Outdoor Play Dates


Play dates are fun and allow you and your child to break the monotony of playing in the same environment with the same toys. Therefore, it is an activity that builds anticipation.

Second, play dates are an invaluable social experience for your kids, allowing them to develop and practice the social skills they will carry into adulthood. They learn to share, take turns, cooperate, and work as a team with their playmates. Moreover, children learn to practice manners, express themselves, develop sound communication skills, and develop and practice empathy.

Outdoor play dates include the highlighted social development benefits plus the benefits of interacting with nature. Moreover, your child can explore nature, use their imagination, and decide which games to play. They can share outdoor subscription box activities with their playmates during an outdoor play date.

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4.   Encourage Free Play


Structured activities, like play dates and outdoor family activity jars, help your child understand and appreciate routine's value. However, free or unstructured play is equally important to their cognitive development.

Unstructured outdoor play allows your child to expend pent-up energy by jumping and running around while nurturing physical fitness. Second, it will enable a child to learn about the world around them.

While outdoors, they can learn about nature, including weather elements, plants, animals, rocks, and other natural features. They can draw inspiration from the tools and resources in an outdoor subscription box to engage in free play.

Therefore, free play using outdoor subscription boxes encourages a child to develop independence, including decision-making. It can also inspire them to develop problem-solving skills as they encounter hurdles during play. Moreover, children playing amongst themselves in an uncontrolled setting develop and nurture conflict resolution skills.

5.   Limit Screen Time


According to one study, the average American child spends 4-6 hours daily watching a screen. Spending copious amounts of time watching a screen is unfortunate because too much impact negatively impacts a child’s brain development.

One expert review establishes a link between excessive child screen time and health issues like obesity, poor self-image, sleep problems, and mood disorders. However, you can limit screen time and substitute it with fun outdoor activities. As your child learns to appreciate being outdoors, they will appreciate outdoor subscription boxes equally.

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6.      Plan Outdoor Adventure Family Vacations

Family holidays are a time to bond and make memories. Moreover, one study established that family vacations, including shared outdoor adventures, can help create, maintain, and enhance well-being.

Your children will likely associate such positive bonding experiences with the outdoors and nurture an interest in outdoor subscription boxes to prepare for future adventures. Therefore, plan family hikes, camping trips, and road trips to spark an interest in outdoor subscription boxes.



The first step in getting your children to develop an interest in outdoor subscription boxes curated for them is to spark an interest in outdoor play. Therefore, follow the tips above to get your little ones off the couch and away from screens so they can commune with nature and enjoy the benefits of outdoor subscription boxes.

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