How To Get a Lawyer in Case of Motorcycle Accident

Even though riding a bike is a great experience, it comes with its own share of risks. No matter how protected you are, there will be situations where the odds will be stacked against you.


According to the National Highway Road Safety Administration, motorbikes accounted for 3% of all registered cars in the United States in 2019, yet they were responsible for 14% of all traffic deaths (NHTSA). In the same year, an estimated 84,000 motorcyclists were injured in accidents.


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A motorcycle accident can leave the survivor confused, traumatized, and stressed about his next course. In addition to the medical attention, one of the things motorcycle accident victims often consider is to hire an attorney or not.

An attorney plays a vital role in fighting for your appropriate compensation and ensuring that your rights are well safeguarded during the claim process. 


Why Motorcycle Accident Attorney?


Without the assistance of an attorney, the insurance company will most likely offer to pay your medical fees and repair your bike, which will be the end of it. However, a case is much more than just medical expenditures. Your motorcycle accident attorney will ensure that lost wages and pain and suffering are factored into the settlement.

Finally, hiring a lawyer means you'll have an advocate on your side pushing for considerable potential compensation, and they'll be able to navigate the claims procedure easily.

On that note, let's discuss how to get a lawyer and get started in case of a motorcycle accident.


1.Request a Referral


Start by looking within your network. If you are a professional rider, chances are you know someone who has been in an accident. Talk to your familiar friends about the lawyers whom they utilized and would recommend to you as well. This is a simple technique to locate someone you may trust because they have already assisted a friend or family member in a similar predicament.


2.Ask About Their Motorcycle Accident Background


Personal injury lawyers are specialized in various niches, so don't assume that an auto accident lawyer has the experience you require as a motorcycle accident victim. Find someone who works with motorbike accidents daily. Inquire about the number of motorbike cases they've handled the previous year. This ensures that they are familiar with the complexities and intricacies of motorbike accidents. This understanding aids you in obtaining a potential settlement for your case.


3.Analyze Their Past Achievement


Find out how the lawyer has handled motorcycle situations in the past. You must be curious about how many instances have resulted in settlements and how many ended in a loss. You should look for someone who, in the majority of their cases, obtains appropriate settlement sums. When you're asking about their background, ask about their courtroom experience. Some lawyers specialize in out-of-court settlements, but you'll need a skilled litigator to take it to court if your case does not settle.


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4.Choose Someone With Whom You Will Get Along


A motorcycle accident case can be a long road to recovery and receiving a fair pay-out. You might want to have a good conversation with your lawyer because this trip will include ups and downs. You should select a personal injury lawyer with whom you can get along. This means that the attorney pays attention to you, responds to your queries, and explains things in a way you can understand.

You must have the impression that the attorney is looking out for your best interests. If you feel that they are only interested in your case for financial gains, you must find someone else.


5.Work is Done on a Commission Basis


Most personal injury lawyers work on a commission basis, which means they only get paid if you win your case. This means you shouldn't have to pay anything out of pocket to hire an attorney and have them act on your behalf. Most lawyers charge hourly, so it’s vital to do market research to ensure you are dealing with someone who adheres to industry norms. 

Your lawyer should walk you through the cost structure and have you sign a fee agreement. You should be aware that, in addition to the contingency fee, you may be responsible for out-of-pocket expenses.


6.Has a Schedule for Communication


A motorcycle accident case can take a long time to settle or go to court. Inquire about the attorney's communication schedule. Every few weeks, you should hear from your attorney on the status of your case. If you have any questions, you should be able to contact the attorney quickly. Check to see if they have a communication-friendly office setup.

7.Speak with a Variety of Motorcycle Accident Attorneys


Before making a final decision, speak with at least three motorcycle accident attorneys to see who you feel most comfortable with. In most cases, the consultations are free, so there is no harm in speaking with several lawyers. Get a sense of who they are by observing them. The last thing you want is to be treated like a case number rather than a person who matters to them.


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Bottom Line


Getting injured in a motorcycle accident or another person's negligence can be a stressful experience, especially when dealing with legal claims. Thus, it's crucial to have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side. A motorcycle accident lawyer will guide you through the entire claim process and fight for the justice you deserve. This guide will help you get among the best motorcycle accident lawyers in town.

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