The Client-Friendly Home Office

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Working from home is great, right? You can wear sweatpants all day and even watch tv while you work. Wait! You mean that’s not your business day? You have clients you have to dress properly for and tv watching is that the last thing you have time for? Welcome to the place where truth debunks myth.

The reality of working from home means you have to put a lot more time, effort, and thought into how to make it all work.

Here, WordPress Plugins Host, WONGCW-CMS offers you ways to enhance and improve your home office to make it more client-friendly.

Safety is Number One

Because we’ve all become more conscious of how easy it is to spread airborne viruses, it’s important to keep that in mind when designing our home office.

  • Adding UVC lighting to your HVAC system decreases the risk of pathogen spread, not only protecting your clients but yourself and the rest of your household. In addition, you’ll be prolonging the life of your HVAC, which can save you more than the initial cost of the UVC.
  • Keeping windows open, or at least partially open, allows for fresh air to circulate, cutting down on the risk of spreading airborne viruses too.
  • Keep a box of disposable paper masks handy both for yourself and your client. Even if you’re fully protected with vaccines, you can still spread and/or contract the Covid-19 virus, so it’s always best to err on the side of caution.
  • If repairs, upgrades, or new additions must be made to accommodate your needs like installing windows or replacing HVACs, keep track of all those expenses. Take before and after photos as a record also. Those upgrades will increase your home’s appraised value and make it more desirable to future buyers should you decide to sell later.

Client Friendly

The entrance to your home office is as important as the interior. This will be your client’s first impression, even before meeting you.

  • Keep children’s outdoor toys and yard play sets set as far away from your client’s entrance as possible. If it’s not possible due to the layout of your home and yard, make sure those playsets are well cared for and in good shape. Broken chains and peeling paint are red flags that say you don’t place a high value on safety.
  • Keep a table with chairs in your office if you need to go over documents and plans. You don’t want your client having to watch you move desk items to make room for yours or their presentations.
  • Install good lighting. The way a space is lit can make a person feel either relaxed or anxious. Light can affect our mood and behavior. Rather than just having a lamp here or there, consider how the way your space is lit makes you feel.

Cut Down on Clutter

  • Make sure all sensitive documents, yours or other clients, are out of sight. This is also true of all paperwork. Clutter conveys a sense of chaos and disorder. You can reduce the amount of paperwork you need in your office by doing as much as you can with online apps, like invoicing.By using templates, you can not only reduce paperwork, you can personalize them with your own logo, colors, and brand.
  • An additional way to reduce clutter is reducing the amount of business paperwork your current business structure requires. Filing an LLC not only reduces your tax burden and protects your personal assets, it also requires less paperwork than a sole proprietorship. You can even designate a registered agent to receive all your legal documents for you. 

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