What is AI? and Its Daily Life Applications

Since ChatGPT arrived, it has been in the headlines everywhere. People are considering it a disruptive technology which means it has the power to replace the whole working system.  It has the ability to replace human men’s force, people are predicting it to replace content writers, programmers, and, coders. But we are not discussing ChatGPT in this article, we are going to discuss how AI is affecting and influencing our daily lives.

You must have encountered Artificial intelligence at any time in your life. Be it in the form of talking to any customer support bot while shopping online or voice assistance on your mobile phone.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

It is important to know what is AI and how it works before knowing in what forms we are using it. We can say that Artificial intelligence is a technology that enables the computer to learn, understand and train itself through statistical analysis, it learns from the data we provide it which the help of certain pre-designed algorithms. All of this is done automatically. Machines based on artificial intelligence can remember and train themselves and adapt to new changes.

Fundamental Technologies 

Natural language Processing (NLP), Machine learning(ML), and deep learning are the most important parts of AI.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is responsible for computer understanding and interactions with humans. It is the most significant branch of computer science and is the most used technology in Artificial Intelligence. With the use application of NLP, computers can understand and translate human language to machine codes.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a method that helps the computer train itself and learns from the provided data sets. It is the technology responsible for the software and application to predict and recommend with accuracy.

Deep Learning

You can call deep learning the advanced version of Machine learning, as it learns from the data provided to it but unlike machine learning one can provide data in an unstructured form. Deep learning is the technology that enables the computer to learn what we as humans naturally have. This is the technology that made it possible to build artificial intelligence’s most useful inventions like self-driven cars, in which the car can drive on its own with intelligent road sense of where to stop, how much distance should be kept from other cars, and on what speed the car should move on the road. These cars are intelligent enough to even recognize objects and distinguish between them.

Where We Are Using Artificial Intelligence in Our Daily Lives?

Examples of artificial intelligence that we as non-technical individuals interact with in our daily lives.

GPS Systems

We cannot deny the fact that AI has changed a lot in the mode and way we humans travel nowadays. You can now search the location you want to arrive at with just by few clicks without needing any physical maps. You can use Google maps and which will guide you throughout your way to reaching your destination you can even know what is the shortest route to reach that spot and which route has less traffic congestion. It has not only replaced ancient maps but not too old satellite-based GPS systems.

Artificial intelligence is in the ground to provide you with a more enhanced and comfortable user experience. with the use of Machine learning algorithms, the system can detect the building and house numbers Algorithms are designed to recognize the change in traffic on the roads to recommend the best route with the least traffic congestion.

Object and Facial Recognition

We all have used facial IDs to unlock and lock our mobile phones and the very famous facial filters on Snapchat and Instagram are a very evident result of AI. They have become a common part of everyone’s daily lives and we can see no end to it shortly. Face detection has helped in the improvement and advancement of security systems. Some of the very common examples of applications are government facilities and airports.

Search and Recommendation Algorithm

Have you ever encountered a situation in which you want to buy something or watch something and the apps and systems you are using in your daily lives started showing you recommendations according to your interests?  it is not the result of any social media campaign or any custom Wikipedia page, this  is the result of an advanced invention of AI. These systems learn your interest and behavior over time from the things your search for and the data that is collected by the system gets analyzed through deep learning and machine learning algorithms. 


You must have talked to a customer support bot which shopping online. Companies avoid hiring individuals for customer support as it is expensive for the companies, they prefer this AI Chatbot to incorporate with the system and perform the task efficiently at a relatively lower cost.

Video Animation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been revolutionizing the entertainment industry in recent years. Video animation, in particular, has been greatly impacted by the use of AI technology. We are seeing an increasing trend in the use of AI-powered tools to create realistic and dynamic animations for movies and TV shows. Animated movies, in particular, are benefiting from the use of AI, as it enables animators to create lifelike characters, environments, and special effects with greater efficiency and accuracy. With AI technology, animators can generate complex movements and behaviors for characters, simulate natural lighting and textures, and create stunning visual effects that were once impossible to achieve. As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, we can expect to see more AI-powered innovations in the field of video animation, leading to even more impressive and immersive animated movies in the future.



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