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No matter how good your website content is, it won't drive much traffic without Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A robust SEO strategy is key to boosting your website performance.

Keywords are a definite discussion when talking about SEO. Regardless of your content, adjusting the right keywords is necessary to make your page easily found by internet users.

Especially for massively discussed topics, such as cryptocurrency, planting the right keywords will make your content stand out in the sea of competitors. However, developing an SEO strategy goes beyond keyword research.

So, we've listed the ten best SEO tools to help you build a robust SEO strategy and grow your website traffic this year. Some of them need a paid subscription, but some others are free!

#1. SEMRush

Another top-notch SEO tool is SEMRush. The main well-known feature of SEMRush is the competitor analysis tool. Users can compare their websites or content with their competitors' effortlessly and comprehensively.

Furthermore, like other SEO tools, SEMRush also has features for keyword research, domain analysis, ad performance, and visitor behavior. Users can also assess their page ranking.

Many marketers and website owners use SEMRush to study their competitors to build a more robust one. The lowest price to enjoy SEMRush is $99.95 per month for a yearly subscription to the pro plan.


#2. Google Search Console

Another best free SEO tool is Google Search Console, especially if you want to push your website rank on Google search. From e-commerce businesses to even blockchain game companies, you can measure traffic and check for issues that don't allow your pages to progress better.

Google Search Console can help you get your sitemap indexed, so it can be more visible on search engines. Moreover, it provides suggestions to boost SEO strategy that can result in a higher engagement rate. 

Google Search Console is completely free, but you must verify ownership. You can also connect it to your Google Analytics tool for a more detailed analysis of your website's performance.


#3. Moz Pro

Moz Pro also made it to the list as one of the best SEO tools. You can run an in-depth keyword analysis for your page and get recommendations for creating an SEO strategy.

It also has features that let you study competitors' strategies, so you can get a better approach to elevate your domain. Furthermore, you can track site ranking over hundreds and thousands of keywords.

The standard plan for Moz Pro costs $79 per month for a yearly subscription and $99 per month for a monthly subscription. You can get a free trial to see some of its features before purchasing their plan.


#4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is among the top lists of the best SEO tools on the market. It's easy to use and provides all the necessary features to help you build a robust SEO strategy for your website.

Ahrefs tools allow users to do rank tracking, keyword research, backlink audits, competitor analysis, and many more. You can also look into a competitor's traffic using the audit feature.

Moreover, Ahrefs is also capable of generating millions of keyword suggestions from a single keyword. The paid plans for Ahrefs start from $83 per month for a yearly subscription to Lite Plan.


#5. Majestic

Majestic offers similar experiences to Semrush and Ahrefs at a more competitive price. That's why many marketers and website owners prefer Majestic rather than the two previously mentioned.

The Majestic millions is one of the most stand-out features that allows users to check website rankings. The parameter used is similar to Ahrefs. Its site explorer tool also allows you to see an overview of a domain.

Like other SEO tools, Majestic can generate profitable keyword ideas, track pages' performance, and compare your domain to competitors. Majestic offers free registrations, but it also comes with paid plans starting from $41,67 monthly for an annual subscription.


#6. Woorank

Woorank is another excellent SEO tool with an easy interface and in-depth analysis for any domain. You can check your website's score by entering the URL in the search box.

It also provides a free SEO tool called website review that gives you valuable insights to improve your page's performance. Moreover, Woorank also has features to review competitors' websites and generate custom reports. 

Woorank lets anyone access their website review tool for free. But, you can get more benefits by getting the pro plan which costs $53,25 per month for a yearly subscription. Using their pro plan will also be helpful for you in creating a robust marketing strategy.


#7. Google Analytics

If you're looking for free SEO tools, Google Analytics is among the best options. It's a go-to tool that can help you analyze a website's performance and run keyword research.

Google Analytics provides in-depth diagnosis, such as keywords recommendations, visitors metadata, and visitors' behavior on your website.

For businesses, Google Analytics also has conversion features. You can track visitors' actions and build a strategy according to data.


#8. GrowthBar

One of the most winning features of Growth is the Al writer, which uses one of the best language models. With it, writing a unique blog post is just a click away with this feature.

GrowthBar can also assist you in generating ideas for blog posts and creating outlines for them. You can always track your website's ranking and generate more keywords with its features.

The tool is perfect for small businesses, blog writers, and entrepreneurs. GrowthBar provides a free trial before purchasing. The lowest price for the yearly plan is $29 per month.


#9. UberSuggest

Marketing and SEO expert Neil Patel is the founder of UberSuggest. It's well-known for the ability to see the search intent behind specific keywords. You can see the top SERP results for long-tail keywords.

UberSuggest doesn't only give you profitable keywords but also some critical metrics like seasonal trends. Moreover, you can check your website's issues with its site audit feature and monitor daily ranking.

What's better is that UberSuggest is free to use for anyone but limited to certain actions. You can upgrade to premium plans to enjoy more features. The lowest price for the paid plan is $12 per month or $120 for lifetime access.


#10. SpyFu

For a more affordable SEO tool option, Majestic may meet your preference. Starting from $33 per month for a yearly subscription, users can do many things using its features.

Majestic helps you to monitor ranking history and top pages. Also, it will escort you to develop backlink strategies and research keywords. Most importantly, it enables you to get the upper hand over competitors. 

SpyFu allows users to monitor competitors' PPC and backlink, research competitors' keywords, and filter keywords ideas.


The Takeaway

Working on SEO isn't a one-night game but a lifetime project instead. So, an SEO tool will help you work more efficiently by saving time and energy.

The ten SEO tools above are some of the best recommendations to help you improve website traffic and engagement. All of them have the essential features to run keyword research and analysis.

Some also have extra features to study competitors' strategies, establish a marketing plan, and even write blog content. So, you can choose one that matches your needs and budget.





Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video production company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

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