How to see what’s stored on SD card? This post walks you through the process of checking. If you want to learn about it, it is worth reading.

SD cards are highly reliable and durable portable devices that can store large amounts of data, including pictures, videos, and documents.

But how to see what’s stored on SD card? You may face this question when there is very little free space on your SD card or after you move some files to the SD card. Take it easy. There are several ways you can find out what's stored on your SD card. You can view the files on the SD card from your PC or Android phone.

How to See What’s Stored on SD Card From PC

How to see what is on SD card on a laptop? For that, you need to insert the SD card into the laptop's built-in SD card slot and see the files through File Explorer or MiniTool Partition Wizard. If your laptop does not have an SD card slot, use a card reader to connect the SD card to the laptop.

After connecting the SD card to your computer, you can use File Explorer or MiniTool Partition Wizard to display the "how to see what’s stored on SD card" question.

Use File Explorer

The first way to see what’s stored on SD card is by using File Explorer. File Explorer is a file manager application included with the Microsoft Windows operating system versions Windows 95 and later.

You can use it to view and manage all files/folders and network connections on your computer, as well as search for files and related components. For example, you can perform various operations on files such as opening files, copying files, moving files, etc.

How to see what is on my SD card by using File Explorer? Here’s the guide below.

Step 1: After inserting the SD card into the computer, the system will automatically read the SD card data and display them in the File Explorer.

Step 2: Press the Win + E key to open File Explorer. If you have hidden files on your SD card, it is recommended that you allow File Explorer to show hidden files. To do this, you need to switch to the View tab and tick the checkbox for the Hide items option in the Show/hide area.

Step 3: Then, to find your SD card on the File Explorer window, you can click the This PC option on the left side of the window and your SD card should be displayed on the right side.

Step 4: Double-click on your SD card and then it will display all folders and files. You can double-click these files to see more information or right-click them to carry out relevant operations such as delete, rename, copy, etc.

Although there is a convenient way to see the contents of the SD card through File Explorer. But sometimes, File Explorer may not work, in this case, you can try MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Use MiniTool Partition Wizard

MiniTool Partition Wizard is a reliable space analyzer and a powerful free partition manager. This means you can not only view the contents on the SD card but also better manage your disks/partitions using MiniTool Partition Wizard.

How to see what’s stored on SD card using MiniTool Partition Wizard? Here is the guide.

Step 1: Download and install this partition software on your PC. Then launch it to enter its main interface.

Step 2: Select the Space Analyzer feature on the top toolbar.

Step 3: Choose your SD card to scan from the drop-down menu and click Scan.

Step 4: Wait for the completion of the scanning. Once it is finished, you can view the files on the SD card in three ways: Tree View, File View, and Folder View.

Step 5: If you find some large and unnecessary files, right-click them and then choose Delete (to Recycle Bin) or Delete (Permanently).

How to See What’s Stored on SD Card From Android

How to see what’s stored on SD card from an Android phone? Use the File Manager app for Android phones. Most Android phones come with a pre-installed file manager app that allows you to view and manage files stored on internal storage and SD card storage.

If you don't have such an app pre-installed on your Android phone, you can use Google Chrome or another browser on your phone. Here are shown the steps to view the contents of my SD card on Samsung:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome on your phone, then enter file:///sdcard/ and open it.

Step 2: You will get the index of /sdcard/, click on any directory to view the file details.



How to see what’s stored on SD card? This post tells 2 ways to do that. You can use File Explorer or MiniTool Partition Wizard on PC. You can also use File Manager of your Android phone.

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