6 Instagram Marketing Tips From Social Media Experts

Are you looking for more tips to enhance your Instagram marketing? Looking for the latest Instagram tricks, fads, and tools? Real Instagram followers are one of the fastest growing social media channels, thus businesses are keen to establish an online presence and increase interaction on their networks. We reached out to several social media authorities to ask for their latest and most effective Instagram advice. Here's what they said.


1# Always aim accurately


It would be good to start with high-quality photos that increase the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing because your Instagram feed is really only as good as the photos you upload. One of the best strategies to save time and, of course, produce better Instagram photos is to take square photos. It's pretty easy to do, and many cell phones and digital cameras offer this option in their settings. Choosing to take a square photo will ultimately save you time on cropping and ensure that key components of the image are not removed when published online. On the iPhone, we like to use Camera Awesome from the SmugMug team, as taking pictures in the Instagram app can be limited. Additionally, Android users have access to this feature.


2# Benefits of using a personalized link shortener for traffic tracking


One of the most crucial things a marketer needs to know right now is how effectively their Instagram account is actually bringing traffic to their website. Unfortunately, Google Analytics cannot give you 100% accurate tracking of this traffic when people access your website from their mobile Instagram accounts. But don't worry, we advise enterprises to use a customized bit. To track precise click-through rates, use a ly link (or a link from another shortener), particularly for the URL in their Instagram bio. You can verify your bit after creating a short link. Provide information to track the number of visits your Instagram account actually drives to your website. put together a unique piece. link every time a link changes to a new landing page, campaign, or landing page to continuously measure effective leads.


3# Use your Bio Link creatively and strategically


We think Instagram is fun, innovative, and spontaneous. However, when utilizing it as a marketing tool, you must be a little more judicious. Companies like Macy's, Starbucks, Puma, Adidas, and several others that are really successful on Instagram plan their posts months in advance, according to the study. If you're a one-man show or a small brand, it doesn't matter how many followers you already have; you may still have a powerful presence on Instagram. Using a link in your bio to take you to a landing page that features the same Instagram posts as you will allow you to generate relevant leads, advertise your e-commerce site, increase your blog subscribers, collect entries for giveaways and promotions, and more.


4# Promote your partners in tandem


One important piece of advice is to cross-promote wherever you can! The trend on Instagram right now is to share, share and share! Share the love if you want by tagging people or openly supporting other businesses, goods, and services on your page. Retailers in the area sell beer from the numerous craft breweries in the area, and both businesses and brewers are utilizing Instagram by tagging one another.. Tap takeovers, which are great opportunities for pictures and Instagram tagging, are another way brewers help each other. By engaging in cross-promotion, you can get more business from companies that cross-promote your brand. Engage and cross-promote until your fingers hurt; the benefits are three-fold, increasing followers who in turn tag companies when they visit and driving more customers to nearby businesses.


5# Popular hashtags Take advantage of business


You can now use Explore Instagram to find posts related to trending, trending, or popular hashtags like #LoveWins, #MLKDay, and #OOTD. For all Instagram users, this is fantastic news. Make sure you use these popular hashtags in timely posts if they apply to your company to increase exposure or get featured on the explore page. Speaking of search, Instagram has made it possible to search for specific emoji tags. YEAH! If using emoticons makes sense for your brand strategy, be sure to consider how they can help your overall discoverability and how they can be a great channel-friendly approach to communicating what your prose can't.


6# How to bring Instagram users into the marketing funnel


Getting followers on Instagram is essential for most businesses, but there are other steps in the marketing funnel that are more important. Here's why. Consider finding other strategies to get your followers' email addresses if you want to move your users down the sales funnel. Ultimately, asking for someone's email is one of the best ways to get your follower's email. When you publish an image that includes a call to action in the title and the image, urging readers to click a link in your bio to get an e-book or subscribe to a newsletter. You will then be able to communicate with the person one-on-one and expand your connection after completing this action. However, to do this successfully, you should create a landing page that is specifically aimed at your Instagram audience. This allows you to use the right language while maintaining a visual identity comparable to your brand's look on Instagram. The next step is to engage with your email subscribers by providing them with useful and relevant content that moves them forward in the sales funnel. Encourage them to read your blog posts and other social media updates and let them know about your services, product, and of course any new discounts or freebies you are offering.




Being active on Instagram is the best way to up your Instagram business game. This powerful platform is constantly evolving for people and businesses to get more out of it. In addition, there are strategies to improve organization, interaction, and visibility outside of Instagram. Would you be interested in checking out these resources to see which ones are most effective for you and your company?


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