9 Smart Home Technology Examples: Gadgets Everyone Would Want to Have

Smart home technology lets you easily do things from your phone or smartwatch. Your lights, security, appliances, and entertainment are all linked together. It can all run at the touch of a button, in some cases.

But what do smart home technology examples look like?

Below, we'll review some gadgets everyone would want to have for a smart home. Whether you're a techie or don't like technology, it's a luxury everyone can enjoy.

1. Smart Control Thermostats

They make it easier than ever to save on energy costs, as they can be programmed to ensure your home's temperature is always just what you want it to be. Additionally, they provide customizable settings that allow you to adjust your thermostat from anywhere.

Whether you are across town, on the other side of the world, or simply don't want to get up off the couch, you can use the intuitive interface to make adjustments. They can also be controlled with just the sound of your voice, making the process even more convenient.

2. Smart Speakers

Smart home devices like smart speakers are to control your entire home with your voice. You can check the weather, play music, control electronic appliances, lock doors, and more - all from the comfort of your home. Not only are these speakers convenient, but they have become far more affordable, making them an attractive choice for any home.

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing you to decide which models look best in your home. Furthermore, some of the newer models have additional features such as built-in cameras and sound alarms, that can be used for added security.

3. Smart Smoke Detectors

These devices provide vital protection to any home by constantly monitoring the environment for possible fire hazards. Not only can they detect smoke but they can also detect carbon monoxide. This feature will help protect a family against this often deadly gas, which is colorless and odorless.

Furthermore, Smart Smoke Detectors are compatible with most Smart Home applications, making it easy to control the device from a phone or tablet. In addition to their safety features, these detectors can also be equipped to turn lights on and off, potentially automation your whole home.

4. Video Doorbell Camera

A video doorbell camera is a great addition to any future home and allows homeowners to monitor who is entering their home from anywhere. It includes two-way audio, allowing you to communicate with someone at your door without needing to open the door.

Video doorbell cameras also feature motion sensors, allowing the device to alert you if any unusual or suspicious activities are detected. The camera records an HD video feed to cloud storage that can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere. This makes it easy for homeowners to keep an eye on their property even when they are away.

5. August Smart Lock

It helps to secure your home like nothing else. It’s easy to install and use, allowing you to stay connected to your home even when you’re away. You can easily lock or unlock your door remotely with a few taps on your smartphone or pre-programmed access codes.

You can also control who has access to your home with an individualized access history. And you can even set virtual keys to issue to guests and family when needed. The August Smart Lock will provide you with peace of mind knowing that no one can access the home that you do not authorize.

6. Robot Vacuum Cleaners

These amazing devices whisk around your home, cleaning carpet and hard flooring alike with little effort on your part. Some robot vacuums also have sensors that allow them to map out your home and identify dirt and debris, while others can empty themselves when they need to.

In addition, they’re incredibly quiet and convenient, freeing up your time to do other things in your life. Robot vacuum cleaners are indispensable tools that can provide you with a cleaner, healthier home with the touch of a button.

7. Solar Battery Charger

Especially for the environmentally conscious homeowner, this gadget reduces the amount of energy needed to charge electronic devices. With this device, there is no need to worry about plugging your device into an electric outlet. Instead, it uses solar power to charge your laptop, cell phone, or any other electronic device.

A single charge on this device can provide a full charge to any electronic device in as little as five hours. Additionally, this charger is lightweight and portable, making it easy to take with you on the go. If you want to learn more about solar panels, you can visit a full page on this discussion.

8. Clocky Alarm Clock

Clocky is the robotic alarm clock that runs away and hides, so you’re forced out of bed to turn it off. This alarm clock even has adjustable legs so it can be used on carpet and other surfaces. It automatically sets itself, so you don’t have to worry about inputting the time.

As a bonus, it sends you an optional backup alarm via text message. This cool alarm clock will guarantee you're not late for work in the morning! In addition, it has a “snooze” button so you can set it to a few minutes before it jumps down and runs away.

9. Smart Garage Door Openers

This will give users the ability to open and close their garage door remotely, as well as monitor the status of their door even when they are away from home. This is perfect for those who want to make sure their home remains secure.

It is perfect for those who need access to their garage but don't always have the time to get up or wait for someone to come and open it for them. The opener can be set to automatically lock or unlock at certain times, as well as set to never close a door when motion is detected inside the garage.

Consider Investing In These Smart Home Technology Examples

These smart home technology examples can increase comfort and convenience. With new technology comes exciting gadgets. Make sure to research the best smart home technology gadgets available to you, so you can increase your lifestyle today.

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