Top 5 Posts About WordPress Templates: Check The MotoPress` Opinion!

Many users choose WordPress in order to conveniently work on their websites. It's the most widely used CMS in the world. It has a free license and is developed thanks to a huge user community. By default, WordPress provides only minimal options for organizing a blog. But thanks to extensions, users can turn a simple engine into a universal tool for creating various sites, from landing pages to multipage portals with a million audience.

There are many developers who optimize the work of WordPress. One of them is MotoPress which creates various plugins, themes and provide related services. The company also has a useful blog with a lot of relevant information. And in this article, we will focus on exactly the top 5 bestarticles about WordPress templates!

Few Words About MotoPress 

MotoPress is a company with ten years of experience in making useful plugins for WordPress. Their themes and services are extremely worthy since they help to create simple, visually responsive, and user-friendly websites. For now, the flagman products include hotel and appointment booking plugins. 

The WordPress Appointment Booking plugin is the perfect tool for making it easier to book services and meet online. The product is easy to implement in the workflow of organizations in the service sectors (sports, beauty, and education industries). It will allow a team to achieve excellent staff planning, booking time slots, and building timely schedules.

The WP Hotel Booking tool will be of interest to property management systems. It can be synchronized with online travel platforms and creates unique calendars for export to external online channels.


Top 5 Posts: What To Read? 

And now let's move to the most important thing, namely, useful articles about WP templates by MotorPress! But keep in mind that the blog is updated very frequently, so in addition to the posts mentioned, readers are able to find a lot of other useful content there.

20+ Best Free Elementor Templates & Themes 2023


This post talks about why Elementor deserves the title of the best WordPress page builder and why choosing a performance-optimized theme is so critical. Readers should focus on the fact that faster platforms will have lower bounce rates, higher conversions, and organic search rankings. And, of course, this will positively affect the general user experience.

In the post, users will also learn about an additional collection of Elementor widgets that will allow them to achieve a more sophisticated page design. They can then read a comparison of free and paid themes, see the top 14 free templates, and 8 more free WooCommerce options. Some designs can be multi-functional and will suit most business types, while others will be narrowly focused and allow you to achieve success in a particular niche.

36 Best Vacation Rental WordPress Themes & Website Templates


The topic on how to create a theme for a website that helps users search for vacation rentals requires special attention. The modern customer is not used to deal with confusing and complex platforms, so you have to choose your template carefully. And this post will certainly help with that! The article mentions both the best-selling themes and less popular ones, but all with the built-in functional and professional options.

Among the proposed templates, readers will see some of the most relevant types of themes in the real estate rental industry. For example, guest houses, hotels, hostels, chalets, and others. Some themes simply offer attractive website page designs. Other options combine design with useful tools for booking processing and general property management, eliminating the need to search for expensive and complex booking software.

16+ Best WordPress Coming Soon Plugins


If you are planning to work with site optimization that requires maintenance and shutdown, or you are preparing to launch a new project, then you simply cannot start without these plugins. However, their range is really amazing and this post will allow you to understand their abundance and choose a few ideal options.

Some plugins offer simple tools that count down the time until the project starts, and some are complemented by other interesting animation elements. You can implement them on your platform in just a few minutes — the reader only has to choose the appropriate template from the top premium and free products, listed in the post. 

17 Best Airbnb Style WordPress Themes to Build an Airbnb Clone


Airbnb has long established itself as a reliable, convenient and user-friendly platform for booking accommodations around the world. So it’s not a surprise that some users with booking business want to create such a portal with integrated useful features. For example:

  • booking;

  • iCal;

  • property submission and so on.

In this detailed post by MotoPress, readers will learn about the best Airbnb WordPress themes that have a complete set of features for property sites. They are often called clones, although they are not a complete copy of the original platform, but only duplicate its convenient features. Also, the templates will differ in design, after reading this article, business owners will be able to choose something original and suitable for their projects.

8 Free Elementor Templates for WordPress Hotel Websites


Talking about Elementor will never be enough — so readers are waiting for another worthwhile article about the use of these themes! The post describes the main reasons why local resort hotel owners prefer to invest in their websites, and why it's not difficult at all. Here users will find 8 free Elementor themes for hotels in different styles and make sure that a quality freebie really exists.


The variety of WordPress templates is great, so every business owner can quickly and easily create the perfect website. And the MotoPress blog with useful posts will just allow them to find the best themes for every taste — just don't forget to check new articles!

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