Plastic and Rubber Parts Used in Military Equipment and How They’re Made

Plastic and rubber parts are used in military equipment due to their versatility, durability, and affordability. Experts can produce military-grade rubber and plastic products that meet industry standards. They use different techniques during plastic extrusions, such as co- and tri-extruding, to match the demand and plastic products' quality.

Plastic Parts 

Defense systems utilize different plastic components during their operations. Plastic can be an ideal material since it can withstand extreme temperatures. Here are some plastic applications in military equipment:

  • Weapon accessories: Plastic is used to manufacture weapon accessories such as grips, stocks, and handguards. These components provide ergonomics, durability, and lightweight features to enhance the functionality of firearms.
  • Connectors and fasteners: Plastic connectors and fasteners are used in military equipment to join and secure various components. They provide lightweight and corrosion-resistant elements compared to metal.
  • Vehicle parts: Plastic components are utilized in military vehicle components like dashboard panels, interior trim, seat components, light housings, and exterior body parts. Plastic material is suitable for weight reduction and longevity of military vehicle components.

How They Are Made

Plastic extrusion is a cutting-edge technology used to make plastic parts for use in the military. Manufacturers can use different types of thermoplastics, such as polyethylene, acrylic, polypropylene, and polystyrene, for the process. The plastic resin is fed into a heated barrel which melts the resin. Afterward, experts add dye to the melted resin to boost its aesthetics. The molten plastic is forced through the die opening using the pressure from the rotating screw. The extruded plastic component cools down through the air cooling method or a water bath. Once the extruded plastic has cooled and solidified, experts cut it into specific lengths to create individual parts.

Rubber Parts

Rubber is used in military equipment due to its chemical resistance and flexibility. Here are some common applications of rubber parts in defense systems:

  • Seals and gaskets: These rubber components are used in military equipment to prevent the leakage of fluids or gases. They are commonly found in engines, hydraulic systems, and various mechanical components.
  • O-rings: O-rings are circular rubber seals used to create a tight and leak-proof seal between two parts. They are utilized in hydraulic systems, ammunition, and other applications requiring enhanced pressure sealing.
  • Rubber bushings: Rubber bushings offer vibration isolation, reduce noise, and absorb shock in military equipment. These parts are used in vehicle suspensions, weapon mounts, and equipment mounting systems.

How They Are Made

Rubber parts for military use are manufactured using rubber extrusion technology. Experts use high-quality rubber materials, like nitrile, neoprene, and natural rubber, to make the components. Rubber gets softened by heating it in a barrel and forced through die openings. After that, the extruded rubber is cooled and trimmed, punched, or cured to a desired shape. 

Invest in Plastic Extrusion


The plastic extrusion process features quality control measures to ensure that the extruded plastic parts meet the required standards. This can involve inspections for dimensional accuracy, surface finish, strength, and tolerance. Manufacturers can offer prototypes to high-level production to meet your needs.

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