The Influence of Financial Security on a Relationship

Being in a relationship isn’t always as simple and as adorable as it may seem on the outside. It takes time and effort to adjust to somebody else’s habits, needs and attitudes, and there are different aspects of making a person a part of your life in a romantic sense. For many people, the huge part of their partner’s appeal is the financial security being with them implies. Not only can it affect the dynamics of a relationship, but also completely dictate them in some cases. Still, as vital as the financial side of any relationship can be, it certainly doesn’t mean the same thing to everybody. 

Being Financially Independent

Even when your partner makes more than enough for you not to work, it’s still understandable that you don’t want to sit idly at home while they’re away every day. This is something that can be your own or a decision you’ve come to together with your partner, but it’s something that you both should agree on in the end. If having a job you love matters to you, your partner should understand it and support you. This doesn’t even have to be about money for you, but rather about staying relevant in your field of expertise or advancing in a career you’ve chosen for yourself. However, for some people, a steady income means a financial independence. No matter how well you get along with your partner or how strong your bond is, having something to fall back on if things go sideways means a lot. It makes it easier for you to stand up for yourself if you ever feel neglected or abused by your partner. Of course, this isn’t something you should expect from somebody you love, but having a backup plan can make a world of a difference if something eventually goes wrong. Plus, financial independence in a relationship can make both partners content in every possible way, emotionally and financially, and such a relationship should function better than one in which one of the partners feels inadequate for any reason.

Finances as Grounds of a Healthy Relationship

If you want to form a tie with somebody, it’s essential that there is enough mutual trust, respect and affection to begin with. For some people, respect is conditioned by their partner’s financial status. If the partner is unable to provide, it can be a dealbreaker for them. The reason behind this may lie in today’s modern and fast-paced life, in which people are very specific about what they require from their partner and their relationship. Many people seek partners through various apps and are open about their expectations and affinities. They aren’t hesitant about creating profiles on reliable sugar dating websites, which allow men to meet attractive and self-confident women and shower them with gifts. When meeting somebody this way, if both partners are clear on what they want, there’s no reason for them not to have respect, trust and affection for each other and allow their relationship to grow into a steady and loving one. Being honest and straightforward is crucial here, so that both partners know exactly what they’re engaging in. It’s also evident that there are fewer gender biases nowadays, meaning that there aren’t any set rules or assumptions about which partner should be the one who earns more, as long as they are both comfortable with their arrangement. And when the financial side of the relationship is not an issue, both partners should be less stressed, so that it’s easier for them to focus on other aspects of their life together.

Joint Budget

There is more than one way or level of joining finances in a relationship. From having a verbal agreement and paying the rent and purchasing groceries together to actually opening a joint account, a certain degree of trust is implied. And while some prefer to maintain a higher level of control over their own earnings and, consequently, their independence and life in general, others find comfort and joy in being able to connect to somebody to the point where they even perceive their separate incomes as one shared one. It may sound surprising to hear that such couples can often build a healthier relationship than those with separate accounts, but when all is considered, it’s actually quite logical. Namely, having to deal with the plain, everyday ordeals, such as paying the electricity bill or putting gas in the car can be stressful, but far less so when somebody’s right next to you, investing in the same things as you. It may be that it boosts the sense of togetherness and commitment, or it may be that, along with their joint account, couples also share the burden of their day-to-day lives. This can make that burden more bearable and life more pleasant for them. Naturally, as with everything else, it’s not wise to rush and try to force your partner into merging accounts before they’re ready. Expecting your relationship to reach the next phase as a result of opening a joint account can hit you in the face and lead to unnecessary worries and even arguments, so make sure you and your partner have been together for over a year at least before you take this serious step.

Realizing that finances are an integral part of any long-term relationship can save you and your partner a lot of problems down the road. If this is something that matters greatly to you, make sure you discuss it with your partner as soon as possible and resolve any misunderstandings in the early stages of your relationship.


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