A Woman's Guide to Professional Success

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Being a woman in business isn't always easy. Women still need to face hurdles like the notorious pay gap and a glass ceiling that can keep them from success. However, there are resources and best practices to help you overcome these kinds of challenges. Today, WONGCW shares some tips and tools to help you get started. 

Make a Plan for Your Career 

Defining your goals is the first step toward achieving them. 

     Set career goals by exploring possibilities, comparing options, and establishing short- and long-term objectives.

     Create a career map using this free template to chart your path.


Leverage Education and Mentorship for Greater Success 

Don't be shy about getting additional support with these tools. 

     Get an online bachelor's degree in business to improve your career chances; this could help give you an advantage in today’s competitive business world.

     Consider learning transferable skills like active listening and communication, which can likewise help in the workplace.

     Find a mentor who can help guide you, for example, by connecting with other women at networking events. 

Make the Most of Networking to Get Ahead 

Use these resources to help you connect with other professionals in your field. 

     Check out online support groups for professional women, like the U.S. Small Business Administration, SCORE, and Women Entrepreneurs groups on Meetup.

     Attend in-person networking events targeting females, like mentor-mentee meetups, speed networking, and roundtable discussions.

     Find women to connect with on LinkedIn, for example, via direct message. 

Follow Best Practices to Assert Yourself in the Workplace 

Don't be shy about taking charge at the office. 

     Try these tips to say "no" nicely at work, ensuring you don't get overloaded or tasked with menial labor.

     Learn how to delegate tasks successfully using these pointers.

     Make sure your voice is heard at work by learning how to effectively interject in conversations and disagree gracefully. 

Being a woman at work isn't always easy. That said, you can find great satisfaction in your career if you chart out your path to success carefully. From setting career goals to going back to school, the above tips and resources can help you succeed in your dream job. 


WONGCW offers a wide variety of tips to help you live more productively. Questions? Feel free to email admin@wongcw.com.

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