Top 5 Plugins that are Must-Haves for Every WooCommerce Store

Do you want to improve your Woocommerce site without spending too much money and effort? 


If so, you should consider a Woocommerce plugin that without any coding, can boost your site's performance and give you the leads that you are aiming for. 


What are Woocommerce Plugins? 

Plugins are pieces of code that are attached to a site to improve its functionality e.g a form plugin can add cool forms to a dull site. 


Woocommerce plugins are specifically made for the Woocommerce platform and are available in both free and paid versions. 


There are tons of woocommerce plugins out there making it hard to choose but our list has laid out 5 of the best plugins for you. 

Top 5 Plugins for Woocommerce 

Below are the top 5 Woocommerce plugins that can greatly enhance the functioning of your e-store. 


Now let's go through each woo-commerce plugin with its features and prices. 

1.     Woocommerce B2B Plugin


Websites are more dynamic and powerful than ever before, with tons of functions and features. 


If you own an eCommerce site and are looking for a complete wholesale solution to boost your website's performance then you should consider the Woocommerce B2B Plugin


The plugin allows you to optimize your e-store according to the needs of both B2B and B2C customers. 



  • Accept B2B registrations by default
  • Add user roles dropdown 
  • Add multiple types of registration fields (dropdown, text, multi-select, radio-button, etc)
  • Add extra fields to the default forms 
  • Review and approve new B2B registrations manually 
  • Hide categories and products based on user-roles 
  • Customize quote form fields
  • Add the offered price option with a quotation 
  • Add unlimited fields to your quote submission form
  • Convert quotes to order


Price: Woocommerce B2B plugin cost $149 (billing on annual basis). 

2.         OptinMonster - WordPress Popup Plugin


Want to generate more leads and more traffic on your woo-commerce site? If so, get the OptinMonster plugin which powers more than 1,000,000 websites. 


With this plugin, you can create catchy optin forms that will boost conversions on your site and attract customers. 


The plugin also helps you turn more visitors into email subscribers. 



  • Beautiful Optin form designs, let you create visually stunning optin forms 
  • Page-level targeting feature allows you to show a targeted message on specific pages/categories
  • The OnSite Retargeting and Personalization lets you show different popups to returning visitors, new visitors, and customers
  • Actionable Insights allow you to analyze views, clicks, and overall conversion rates through built-in analytics
  • The plugin integrates with major email marketing software 
  • Mobile Campaigns let you create optins that work smoothly on mobile devices 
  • Coupon Wheels gamify the rewards you offer with fun "spin-to-win" coupon wheel optins. 

Price: The OptinMonster Popup plugin costs $9 monthly (billed annually). 

3.         Woocommerce Role-Based Pricing

Want to optimize pricing on your site and offer prices based on user roles? If so, you can look into a very helpful tool which is Woocommerce Role Based Pricing


The plugin makes it easy to set product prices based on individual customers or user roles. 


To treat your special customers you can offer discounts or markup prices according to percentage amounts or fixed amounts. 



  • Adjust prices for certain user roles or individual customers
  • Set fixed product prices
  • Set min and max order quantities
  • Increase price or show discounted prices by percentage or fixed amounts
  • Replace original prices as per price change
  • Configure the start & end date for each price rule
  • Hide prices for not logged in or specific user roles
  • Replace prices with any custom text
  • Hide add to cart for not logged in or specific user roles


Price: The Woocommerce Role Based Pricing costs $79 (billed annually). 

4.         Woocommerce Multi-Currency


An e-store offering products to various countries needs to work with various currencies for the transfer of funds. 


The WooCommerce Multi-currency makes that step easy by allowing your customers to switch between different currencies. The plugin helps you to accept payments in multi-currency. You can also set the exchange rate manually or automatically, as needed. 



  • Automatically update exchange rates according to the time you set, e.g: every 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, 6 hours, etc. 
  • The plugin allows you to configure the way prices are displayed on the front-end
  • The plugin sends notification emails whenever it updates the exchange rate to keep you posted
  • Lets you display custom currency symbols
  • Allows you to set custom prices in different currencies as needed
  • Lets you hide currencies as needed 


Price: The WooCommerce Multi-Currency plugin costs $32 with 6 months of support. 

5.         Woocommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugin


With the average cart abandonment rate as high as 55-80%, it has become a big issue that both big and small businesses struggle with. 


Luckily for you, the WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery extension offers a solution to this problem. The plugin lets you create multiple follow-up emails and schedule them to send at specific intervals. 



  • Intuitive dashboard to view abandoned carts and recovery
  • Email log with email records 
  • Maintains a list of all abandoned carts with cart details
  • Create multiple email templates 
  • Manually or automatically send emails 
  • Enable/disable recovery emails for orders which are pending 
  • Customize body, and email titles and include coupon codes
  • From recovery emails exclude specific products 
  • Pre-capture guest email through modal popup
  • For guest users, enable abandoned cart recovery emails
  • Auto delete abandoned carts after a specified period


Price: The Woocommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugin costs $59 (billed annually).


Final Words 

In this article, we explored 5 woo-commerce plugins that can greatly enhance the functioning of your e-store. 


The Woocommerce B2B Plugin offers a complete wholesale solution to boost your website's performance while the OptinMonster plugin lets you create catchy optin forms that boost conversions on your site and attract customers. 


The Woocommerce Role Based Pricing makes pricing easy on your site while the WooCommerce Multi-currency allows customers to switch between different currencies on your site. 


Last but not the least, the WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery helps you create multiple follow-up emails to reduce the cart abandonment rate. 


Do check out these plugins in detail and try them out to see which works for your eCommerce site. 


Author Bio

Kim Parson is a professional SEO expert with 7 years’ experience. He is currently working with Adiffy – a professional custom development agency.  He has a passion to serve blogs with his expertise in the form of write ups. 

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