3 Ways to Help You Think Clearer

According to the CDC, cognitive decline is a serious public health issue and one that we need to pay more attention to.

As you age, you might have a harder time focusing on your cognitive abilities. But, you shouldn't be fearful! Instead, you need to be proactive in working toward building a sharper focus and working to clear your mind.

This quick guide will show you the best steps to pay attention to and build a better focus.

Here's how to think clearer:

1. Get Better Nutrients

Sometimes, the easiest way to ensure you maintain your cognitive abilities is to have high-quality nutrients.

For example, Sage Nutrients has a great collection of supplements that can help you build a sharper focus. These nutrients are often found in your foods but with our busy schedules, we often need supplements to fill in any missing gaps.

2. Improve Your Diet

As we alluded to in the previous point, you need to also have a better diet when you're working toward improving your cognitive abilities.

You must try to get rid of your tobacco, alcohol, and drug consumption if any. If you can't abstain from these items, then you want to reduce them as much as possible.

If, however, you do take any narcotics or hallucinogenics then you must eliminate them completely from your diet.

Make sure you have an adequate amount of calories per day. You must especially focus on having a high amount of protein as well. Your diet must also be rich in vegetables, fruits, and meat.

Always speak to your nutritionist to determine what's the correct diet plan for your body. Eating a healthy diet will ensure that you're able to think clearer in the long run.

3. Exercise Your Mind and Body

"Idle hands are the Devil's workshop" as the saying goes, and this is one of the reasons why many Americans are facing cognitive decline.

While we all want to relax and binge-watch our favorite Netflix show, this is unhealthy in the long run.

You want to read books more often. Consider taking up a hobby that requires you to exercise your mind. This can include writing, playing Chess, practicing public speaking, etc.

You must also exercise your body which ensures that you have sharper cognitive abilities. You can go to the gym regularly or pick up a sport. If you don't have time for these, then make sure you at least go for a walk each day. You want to try to reach at least 10,000 steps per day when walking.

Now You Can Think Clearer

Now you know how to think clearer and improve your cognitive abilities and ensure you have a sharper focus.

The first step is to have better nutrients. Sometimes, you'll need to opt for supplements that can fill in any gaps that you're not getting from your diet.

The next step is to improve your diet by removing intoxicants and eating healthier foods. You must also work to exercise your mind and body at all times.


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