5 Reasons you never knew why customers love animated product videos

Still, thinking if using an Animated Product video is a good idea for your brand? Or you are dubious on investing in the production of animated videos?


Well, the times have changed. A decade ago, one graphic was enough to get the attention of customers. Today, there is so much noise that even videos with celebrities are failing. But, animation gives marketers essential freedom to showcase anything and in any manner. Therefore, Animation is always on top when it comes to marketing in such a competitive time.  


According to the latest video marketing statistics, 83% of business owners agree that video marketing has increased their website’s traffic. On the other hand, 90% of marketers say that video helps generate business leads.


Not only are these stats significant to understanding the importance of employing animated videos for product marketing, but they also showcase how small businesses became popular with the right product marketing strategy.


Let’s first understand the animated videos


One of the biggest video marketing trends is animated explainer product videos. The process is long and has steps like storyboarding, character drawing and building, 2D or 3D animation, lighting, coloring, and much more.  

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There are numerous eye-catching ways to use animation for marketing, including explainer videos, storytelling, tutorials, etc.


The most popular types of animated videos

2D Animation

Creating animation in a two-dimensional environment is the most common way of using animated product videos. A 2D animated video involves a sequence of illustrations with backgrounds, animated characters, and text to tell a brand's story or explain how a product works.  The Simpsons show is the most famous example of how 2D animation works. 

3D Animation

Everyone has enjoyed fantastic Pixar movies like Frozen and Toy Story!

3D animation is the modern way of creating videos that look as realistic as possible. The process includes placing objects and characters in three-dimensional spaces and creating moving illusions. 


Real-life objects and backgrounds are used in the 3D video to engage the viewers. The process of 3D animation is pretty complex. However, the result brings more engagement compared to other forms of animated videos.

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Motion Graphics

The most commonly used type of animated video in the advertising world, motion graphics, is to share information and social media product marketing. The process of creating motion graphic animation involves different images and clips combined with audio in a particular frequency.


If you use youtube regularly, you know what motion graphics ads are and how smoothly they are used to share information. 


Text and symbols are the main parts of motion graphics animated videos.

If you are looking for inspiration, Bananas by Xander Marriott and Elias Freiberger is a brilliant example of understanding motion graphic magic.


Whiteboard Animation

Another popular type of animated video is whiteboard animation. The syle has been there for over a decade and is still in demand due to its simplifying ability. 


The process involves artwork on a white background, using a pen, markers, and characters in black. Suitable for all types of products, whiteboard animation is a cost-effective approach to connecting with the audience.



The video covers all the problems one could experience during a weight loss journey with the right solution aligned. It doesn’t look dull, and the tone is precisely what a customer wants. 

Fun, enthusiastic and optimistic. 


Reasons Why Audiences Love to Watch Animated Product Videos

Product videos, brand storytelling, and product demos are the most popular videos used by the marketing companies, says HubSpot in their report. Here are the reasons why consumers like to watch animated videos.

There's No Limit to the Creative Aspect


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Animated videos not only deliver the story engagingly but have the ability to pull people in different ways. From explainer animated videos to simple motion graphics, there is no limit to what brands can do with animation.

With modern techniques, the design opportunities for animation professionals are unlimited. It gives you the ability to create scenes that viewers can only visualize. 


It works like how your favorite cartoon shows work. You can name many characters that stayed with you till the date.



Because each of the characters showcases a specific style, from tom and jerry to the 3D animated movie Frozen, there are ways animation companies can make the most out of the creativity and bring ideas to life. 


You get the freedom to create unique characters and stories that are brilliant to make your product stand out from the competition. 


The audience Feels the Connection with the Characters.


Remember how you loved watching your favorite cartoon on repeat? You thought like them and even imitated their actions!

You could have watched it all day without getting bored. Animation has the ability to bring the nostalgia of your childhood cartoon character that you were utterly smitten with. 

You connect with its story and create a relationship with the characters whenever you watch good animated content with the right tone. 

This is how the entire emotive content strategy works. All you need is the right visuals that the audience can connect with.


This is another reason why brands need to create animated videos that emotionally connect with the audience.


For example, if you want a particular product to be identified as THE brand. A unique character can be created that informs the viewers about the product, tells stories, and fits into almost every brand video you make. 


Animation is entertaining and engaging


Engagement and entertainment depend on each other; If you can entertain your audience, the results will be specific without additional advertising. 


Today, customers spend hours watching videos online. One-third of their activity involves Youtube, Instagram, and other video streaming apps. Therefore, it gets vital for brands to engage their audience in a fun yet valuable manner.


So, you need to put the right amount of humor and story with the information you need to convey related to the product or service. 


Product videos are one of the lead generation assets that brands use to bring more conversion. Therefore, getting the right message out without being pushy is essential.


For instance, if you are selling an electric scooter, the tone of the video should be fun with real-life scenarios and the solution at the end. You cannot just start with the features or how your scooter benefits the buyers. 


There are hundreds of brands that might sell the same product. Still, an entertaining brand video can make your product do wonders within a few months. 


Increased Recall Factor

The more relatable a brand video is, the more views it gets. Plus, your audience is going to remember what you created.


By using animation more creatively, brands have the advantage of leaving a memorable impression on the customer.  


A great example of creating memorable animated videos is John Lewis. A famous Christmas advert was known for creating animated videos. Whenever people hear of Christmas, they instantly recall the brand due to its storytelling and emotional ideas that bring nostalgia among viers. 

So, creating dynamic content is a great way to get started while focusing on the band recall factor.


Simplifies Complex Products

More than 72% of customers want to watch videos to understand a product or service they are interested in. 


This makes you understand why people want to watch videos that are easy to understand and simplify complex concepts. Animation is the simplest way to explain the soul of a product without making it look dull.


Instead of adding flat images and virtual demonstrations of boring voiceovers, a brand could use illustration and motion graphics as an animated explainer video. This is a great way to convert the complex technical features of a product is a story. 


Depending on how the script has been written, people love watching animated explainer videos before making a purchase or even after purchasing a product or service.


More Advantages of Using Animated Videos for Product Marketing

1) Animation allows you to bring ideas into life to create a world where your product can explain itself. As a result, you can communicate with the audience within the most engaging environment.

2) Animated videos bring more people to your website, resulting in a higher conversion ratio and ROI.

3) Video production is the best way to make the most out of SEO for a website. You can create product videos for your website so that it helps in ranking higher in the search results.

4) Animated explainer videos helps customer learn about the products and make purchase decisions based on the information. So, a customer's chances of buying your product increase if you have a product video on your social media or website.


Create Animated Videos For Your Customers 

Product videos are an opportunity to simplify and share all the information with your target audience. How a product will change their lives for the better without forcing them with a marketing speech is the thing that works for modern brands. 


The animation could be your crucial market asset if done by professionals who understand how it works. Consider the right animation production company to create the best videos for your brand.


Author bio:- Komal Kokate is the Co-Founder and CEO of MotionGility, an Explainer Video Company. With a keen eye for creativity, she is an expert in video marketing. While delivering high results to clients, she loves exploring the market and the latest marketing trends in the B2B industry. Connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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