9 Best Practices in Handling Customer Complaints



Providing a great customer experience is the key to success online. Customer complaints are mostly due to poor customer experience online. Many times we see this happening, where customers complain about a product or service, but have no idea what went wrong. It is often hard for the company to resolve a problem without proof that the customer is who they claim to be and that they ordered what they ordered.


The best way to improve your online customer experience is to listen to customers’ complaints and feedback. While not all complaints can be handled, some can result in immediate changes or even improvements. It might be surprising to learn how customer complaints can benefit your online customer experience. Here are some helpful tips on how to handle customer complaints.


  1. Encourage feedback

Feedback is one of the most influential factors in an online customer experience. You can also try improving the experience through video chat to give customers a way to reach you at the exact moment that they have problems or concerns. As an online marketer, you want to ensure that your customers aren't just satisfied with what you have to offer but really become part of a community and take action towards improving their lives.


  1. Create a feedback culture

Creating a feedback culture is about providing customers with opportunities to provide feedback, suggestions, and criticism at a point in time when they are most receptive to it.


  1. Improve your customer experience process

CX design is the process design teams follow to optimize the customer experience before, during, and after conversion. Creating a clear customer experience and getting real-time feedback from your customers will help you improve this experience. The use of conversation intelligence software is also one of the best practices to improve customer experience process because you can review trends in support inquiries and identify common issues.


  1. Use social media for good

When it comes to improving the customer experience online, there are countless steps that you can take and more are popping up every day. Social media has been touted as one of the most powerful tools in creating, engaging, and retaining customers; however, it’s not always used correctly by companies. Social media gives easy-to-contact and engaging interaction that provides brand building and wider contact through channels.


  1. Respond quickly

It’s very important to give a quick response to any customer calls especially when it’s a complaint because it gives the customer the idea that you are attentive and you are ready to listen to their complaints. Quick response helps and improves customer care and relationships.


  1. Listen and learn from your customers

Listening to your customers is like connecting with them and you’re providing time to listen to their complaints. Listening is one of the most important skills that you should possess if you’re working as a customer service representative. Also listening will give you new learnings too. If you always listen to them you’ll learn something that will help you grow your knowledge and you provide a window on how to manage customer experience and improve your products and services.


  1. Take action to fix problems

After listening, taking action to fix the problem is the next step. Take action to fix problems to give customers satisfaction and surely they will give you great feedback for taking action for their concerns. This way, you'll make them feel appreciated. Try to remain calm while explaining the steps you’ll take to solve the issue they’re having.


  1. Track customer complaints

Tracking customer complaints is a must for any business, but it’s especially crucial for a startup. In order to improve and avoid future mistakes, you must identify your weaknesses. A customer complaint is a valuable way of getting feedback on your products and services. It can help you improve your business and make it more successful.


  1. Automate feedback collection and management

Of the many benefits of a customer complaint management system, is automated feedback collection and management. This allows you to easily collect that data in a timely fashion, which can save you time and resources in responding to customer complaints.


With proper steps and guidance, you can learn how to deal with customer complaints and solve their issues effectively. The main thing behind good customer service is the ability to please your customers and improve your customer experience. This is an essential part of your growth strategy. So, clearly satisfied customers are the first step towards building a successful business. I hope that this blog has taught you some essential tips; from gathering and analyzing customer complaints to implementing and tracking resolutions.


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