Corporate Gift Ideas for your favorite Business Partners

Whether you are a small business owner, or you run an international corporation, there come4s a time when you want or have to say thanks to your employees, partners or clients for their loyalty, in order to keep the relationship smooth and sweet. What better way to do it than to think of some great gifts for everyone?

It’s easy to send out generic thank-you cards, or gift cards, or some trinkets you have ordered in bulk and haven’t put a real thought into. However, it is much more heartwarming, not to mention productive, if you choose something more special, therefore making the receivers of those gifts really remember it and appreciate it.

Choose something creative, something colorful, fun, or useful. Depending on your employees, and/or clients and partners, nowadays you are able to pick from a pretty wide variety of objects which you could give to them. So, prepare a notepad, put a little thought and a list of ideas, and we will try to help with the choice right about now.


Customized, personalized always works


There’s not a lot of people out there that don’t like a personalized mug, t-shirt design, or any other little thing you could print stuff to.

If you have a huge company, it may be a bit difficult to print something different for every employee, or business partner, but if that is the case, you can always choose a couple (or ten?) different themes, and do a series of mugs, pens, buttons etc. which you will send to everyone, making them laugh and cherish the gift as something special.

If you only have a handful of partners, you can make something different for each one, even with names or an inside joke there.


Food and drink bundles are fun


The personalized prints can even be incorporated in this idea as well. Make a package of different foods, candy, juices, sodas or other kinds of drinks, and put personal notes on the wraps.

There are such ready-made bundles to buy, of course, but it is always a bit more fun to choose every part of it yourself, and add a personal message, with a version of your logo etc. inside. This will let people know that you care, and they will enjoy consuming it much more.


Seasonal fashion and accessory bundles are both fun and useful


When a new season hits – whether it’s a cold or a warm one – people usually forget to prepare every bit of clothing, or accessory for it. And sometimes they don’t really have time. So, if they get them as gifts, it usually puts a smile on their face.

Of course, you cannot buy them a whole new wardrobe as a corporate gift, but you surely can put together a few small things for each partner (or team partner) in one cute pack. For example: a scarf, wool cap and a pair of gloves are always welcome. If you choose a great color, style and quality, it can be quite a nice gift. Same goes for summer: some flip flops, sunglasses and a cool beach towel, and you’re set. Just be sure you get everybody’s sizes!


How about some gadgets and equipment for the team building adventures?


A lot of companies practice out-of-office gatherings of employees and partners, in order to warm up the business relationships, by working on the friendly ones.

Whether you prefer bowling, picnics, or something in the wild like hiking and camping, everybody welcomes a few extra pieces of equipment for these.

If it’s bowling – maybe some cool team shirts, huh? If it’s outdoor sports – maybe some sweat bands, jerseys, or customized socks? If it is something in the wild – gifts can be more various. Maybe a tent with printed logos, or something more fit for survival and being the main guy at preparing the camp, like tekto gear knives, for example, or cool army-like compasses.


Useful office gadgets


Every modern company owner knows how it feels like being stuck in an office for the better part of the day, with a huge workload, and there’s nothing worse if you don’t have anything there to cheer you up.

Maybe it can be something that helps pass the time on breaks, like a digital chessboard or a video arcade game in the leisure/coffee room (as a group present). Or, maybe self-warming mugs with custom written messages on them. One thing that is pretty useful on an office desk would definitely be a wireless phone-charging mouse pad. Or – maybe you’ve heard about these: under-the-desk paddling machine, for those cardio exercises while the workload is being typed away.


Whichever kind of gifts you choose, be sure that it’s something people will remember you by. Add a little personal twist, play around, everyone can be at least a bit creative. Good spirit is always appreciated, and it goes a long way!

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