How to Choose a New Printer for Your Business

When you are in the market to purchase a new printer for your business, you need to be specific about what you need and why. Your business requirements must be at the heart of your decision. Simply going for the cheapest option is not always wise - especially if your business needs a specialist printer to print out plans or high-quality drawings. To make a choice and decision a little easier, here are some things you may wish to take into consideration.

How Much Printing Do You Need to Do?

Is a printer used every day in your business, and is it something that is relied on several times throughout the working day? If a large part of your business depends on printing, you need a printer that can stand up to the challenge. Domestic printers or those created for homes will not live up to your expectations. They will fail after weeks or months, and that will leave you in the same position.

The Size of the Printer

To make the right choice and purchase, you need to think about the size of the printing you need to do. For instance, are your printing requirements more A0 or A1 than they are A4? If they are, this will impact the size of the printer you choose. If you do not purchase a printer that is the correct size (or that can handle your print requirements), you will end up wasting time and money.

Performance Is Important

A new printer for your business must perform day in and day out. If performance or reliability is an issue, it will have an impact on how smoothly your business operations run. When you are looking at performance, it is always good to think about the maximum usage a printer will get each day. Making sure that you get high-quality and reliable performance is crucial. You do not want to miss deadlines or let customers down because your printer can’t perform when needed.

Manufacturer or Supplier

You have your requirements and needs in place, but do you know which manufacturer or supplier you want to go with? Are you going to reach out to a manufacturer that focuses on supplying businesses directly with wide-format printers? If you do not choose a manufacturer or supplier that supplies businesses, you then end up looking at the consumer market. This is not going to give you the reliability, performance, or reassurance that your business needs, as it will not be fit for purpose.

Price and Your Options - Leasing or Buying

You shouldn’t let the price of a printer put you off getting the model you require. Always stay open and flexible, and do not let price or budget be your main deciding factor. Look at the available options, and always see if leasing is an option (in addition to buying). Reach out to a manufacturer or supplier and be open and honest about what you can afford to pay and see how they may be able to accommodate this.


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