Magnificent Ways to Convert Ubuntu Mailbox to PST Outlook Swiftly

“Does anyone have any idea how to transfer Ubuntu MBOX to Windows to access its data on Windows? I am facing tough times. I have changed my job where Windows is the primary operating system and MS Outlook is a mail client. I have to gather some necessary data from Ubuntu, but it seems so difficult. Is there any straightforward solution to fix the issue? I am looking forward to your help.”


Are you facing the same problem? Do you want the best solution? If yes, you have come to the right place. The article shares the safest way to export all MBOX files from Ubuntu to MS Outlook for Windows. 


What is Ubuntu?


Many of you have heard about Mac, Windows, and Linux. Similarly, Ubuntu is an operating system developed in 2004 by a South African-British developer to provide users with a more user-friendly Linux distribution than Debian which was popular at that time. The operating system uses GNOME, a popular desktop environment in the Linux world. It plays a crucial role in making Linux a secure platform. Since it is open-source, the source code of the OS can be added. Therefore, developers get the chance to fix issues and security loopholes with Ubuntu. The OS can collect your hardware information and data location. Popular apps like Chrome, Spotify, VSCode, and Slack also support Ubuntu. Several companies are using the OS.



Ubuntu supports several email clients. Many of them like Thunderbird, Claws Mail, Mutt Mail, Opera Mail, and Sylpheed use the MBOX file format to store data. Since, MBOX is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, it is easy to transport data. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support MS Outlook for Windows. Conversion is the only solution to access Ubuntu’s mail client data on MS Outlook. 


Why Should One Choose MS Outlook for Windows over an Ubuntu Mail Client?

There are many good reasons for selecting MS Outlook for Windows over any other OS mail clients.


It is not hidden that Windows is the most popular operating system in the world. After Windows, it is Mac and then Linux. Therefore, it gives people reason to switch from Linux to Windows. And MS Outlook is one of the most popular mail clients for Windows.


Ubuntu supports usually basic mail clients like Thunderbird, Mutt Mail, and Open Mail, and names a few. MS Outlook for Windows is an unmatched and advanced application. It is much more than a mail client. It has a task organization feature. It has a task reminder feature to stay updated with your next step. Therefore, businesses like to use MS Outlook.


Ubuntu is not very popular. It is difficult to get online community help for Ubuntu as Windows has. 


Ways to Export Ubuntu Mailbox to PST

Unfortunately, there are some limited native options to export data. The native solution like IMAP conversion is not so effective. Users face compliance issues. Therefore, the best solution is to use a third-party conversion program. First, prepare Ubuntu mailboxes by transferring MBOX files of Ubuntu to Windows. After that, you can spend some time looking for an application. Make sure the application has good ratings and positive reviews. It is always a good idea to try the free version of the app first and then go for its license.  


Step 1: Preparing Ubuntu Mailboxes

Since you want to export Ubuntu mailboxes to Outlook for Windows, the foremost step is to copy all required MBOX files from Ubuntu to Windows. For this, you can take the help of a storage media.


Step 2: Convert Ubuntu Mailbox to PST on Windows OS

Finding out a reliable third-party MBOX Conversion is not so difficult when you filter these programs by looking at their ratings, the number of downloads, and reviews. If a tool has 4 Star rating and has positive reviews more than negative ones, it can be considered for installation and conversion.


Softaken MBOX to PST Converter is one such application. It has got positive feedback from its users and excellent ratings. Here are some key reasons why the Softaken product is more suitable than any other apps serving the same purpose.


The application is straightforward. It doesn’t need technical proficiency to export data. Users with little or basic technical skills can consider the app. The user-friendly interface requires just four steps to export data.


The app doesn’t occupy much room on your system. It means it doesn’t give load to your system and makes it slow.



The program has the feature to export as many MBOX files as you desire in one go. It is one of the best features of the application to the time and effort of users.


Conversion results are in users’ hands. The tool saves the exported data to a single PST file or creates multiple PST files to save each MBOX file.


The results are always accurate despite exporting single or multiple MBOX files. It exports MBOX emails with its fields like CC, BCC, To, From, and more intact.


The app is independent. It doesn’t need the pre-installation of MS Outlook or any other tools. The license of the application is available to use for an unlimited duration. 


There are many reasons for users to switch from Ubuntu to Windows. If you are planning to choose Windows, conversion of Ubuntu databases can be solved with a third-party application. Choose an ideal tool for conversion.

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