Should You Learn to Ski or Snowboard First?

Choosing to learn to ski or snowboard first depends on one very important factor: your balance. Many people think that the way you balance on a ski is the same as you would on a snowboard. It's not even close. Going forward or maneuvering left, or right requires your center of gravity to be oriented a certain way when you're on a snowboard. Your range of motion is different than if you were on a pair of skis. 


Many people think a pair of skis can improve your balance, but this assumes too much. The truth is balance is different from person to person. You have to ask yourself this question: how is my balance? Are you able to get your bearings quickly? Do you spring up with no hassles if you slip or fall? The problem is that the only person that can answer this is you. Be completely honest with yourself when it comes to your balance. 

Snowboarding is Easier if You've Ridden A Skateboard


If you have had any exposure to skateboarding, snowboarding will be a much easier transition for you. When you ride a skateboard, you pretty much know the range of motions and body controls that you need to use to speed up, slow down and turn. Sadly, not everybody has ridden a skateboard. You can't assume that just because a snowboard is nice, flat, and broad that you will be able to control it with ease. Again, that's assuming too much. 

You Need the Right Space to Ski or Snowboard


While you're still on the fence on whether to learn skiing or snowboarding first, you might want to pay attention to where you are. Is there enough space for skiing or snowboarding? This is the question you should be asking because this might resolve your problem once and for all. It's much easier to train on a snowboard in rather small areas because you're just going in one direction for the most part. 


On the other hand, skiing may need a lot more space or a certain angle. If there's not much of a slope in your area, you cannot figure out skiing as quickly as you'd like. The best way to learn anything is to do it, and it's hard to ski when there's no slope. But if you're on a snowboard, you can simulate your range of motions and ability to control your snowboard even if the slope is very shallow. The key is to focus on the space around you. 

Pick A Ski Area That Is Simple Enough for Beginners


When deciding between skiing or snowboarding, you must have simple surroundings meaning the slope is manageable, and the quality of snow makes for easy landings. Remember that you have to assume that you will fall because you're just beginning to learn. You can't avoid falling. You can and will fall as you learn how to ski or snowboard. There's no question about this. 


Make things as easy on yourself as possible by picking a ski area that accommodates skiing or snowboarding lessons. This means a nice, flat surface and manageable softness of the snow and ice. Wolf Creek Ski Area has the right location for beginners. It doesn't matter if you're trying to learn how to ski or snowboard, the Wolf Creek Ski Area has you covered. 


Other ski resorts like Silverton Ski Resort, should be saved for the experts as the terrain out there is unforgiving and can get you injured. Even though there are many incredible Silverton motels available, we recommend a more forgiving resort like Purgatory located not too far in Durango, Colorado. 

Make Sure You Get Enough Elbow Room


While you may be in an otherwise ideal place as you try to learn how to ski or snowboard, that area may have too many people. You might bump into each other, or you may get so scared of getting into somebody's way or tripping somebody up that it slows down your learning. Learning how to ski or snowboard requires elbow room. You don't want the unnecessary stress.

Skiing Has More Specific Space Requirements Than Snowboarding


If you want to learn how to move around in the snow as quickly as possible, pick the right space for skiing. It has more restrictive space requirements compared to snowboarding. You are more flexible with snowboarding. You should be okay with most settings as you try to learn the ropes of snowboarding. That's not the case with skiing. 

Snowboarding Uses Lighter Equipment


Snowboarding needs only one piece of equipment for the most part. The equipment might be very light, depending on the model you use. Since you're learning your way around the snow, you need something easy to pick up and carry around. A snowboard has this feature, but a pair of skis may not. 

The Final Word On Skiing or Snowboarding First


Keep the considerations above in mind when deciding to learn to ski or snowboard first. It's not as easy and clear-cut as you would have hoped. 

If you ever feel like you are obtaining altitude sickness - then do not push yourself to the point where you will end up needing hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Take a moment to take a deep breath and evaluate whether your body is ready to take on the challenge. There is no problem with taking it easy if you are feeling unwell.


Otherwise that, there are many considerations to keep in mind because if you make a mistake, you will not learn as quickly as you hoped. And if you pick the wrong space to learn skiing or snowboarding, you might not even learn at all. 

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