The Tools I Used to Build My successful Business Online

In the beginning humans used to live in forests. He was not familiar with buildings and technology. With the passage of time man started getting civilized. There are a number of new inventions every year. Today we are living in well-developed cities with too many facilities.

When man moved to the modern era, he felt the need to start a way to earn for living. Here came the term business. A business is an occupation or a profession that a man adopts to earn money. In the past business was done within a specific place, city, or country. With the invention of the internet, a new concept of online business was discovered.

The business that is totally based on the internet is known as an online business. The online business might be based on buying and selling goods. One of the best Example for selling and Buying goods is Amazon. The other way of online business may include offering services like plumber, electrician, or a tutor etc.

The most fast-growing online business nowadays is owning a website. According to Google there are 1.93 billion websites on the internet. There are many kinds of websites, but two main income stream websites are

·        Affiliate Websites

·        AdSense Websites

Affiliate Websites

These are the kind of websites that are based on product information and reviews. When people buy something by using the link of these websites, they earn their commission from the stores. The most famous online store that offers affiliate program is Amazon.

AdSense Websites

These are the websites that earn commission from Google by displaying ads on them. These kinds of websites mostly contain informational intent content to attract more visitors.

How to Set Up a website

Here we will go through a quick overview of tools that are necessary for setting up a website.

We can divide website setup into two portions.

·        Website On-page

·        Website Off-page

Website On-Page

Website on-page include website design, website logo, pages, posts, articles, and pictures etc. it includes each and everything that is present on our own website.

Website Off-Page

Website off-page consist of the backlinks that are coming towards our website from other websites. These links might be from forums, social media platforms, directories, or any kind of websites.

Domain Name

The first thing that is necessary for a website is domain name. Domain name is a text that a user enters in a browser to open a specific website. For example, the domain name for Google is and for Facebook it is So, anyone who wants to create a website must have a domain name first.

Website development and design

Once we have a domain name, we need to develop a website and design it properly. There are a number of tools that are used for website development such as, Angular JS, Chrome Devtools, Sass and codePen etc.

Most of the websites are developed and designed on WordPress.  There are available numbers of themes and plugins for WordPress websites that make our work easy to avoid manual coding.

Keyword Research for a Website

After website development we need to publish content on our website. For this purpose, we have to go through keyword research. Keywords for a website are basically the topics on which content of a website is written.

The most common tools used to conduct keyword research are Ahrefs and SEMrush. We use Ahrefs and SEMrush tools to find out most in demand keywords with high search volume and low keyword difficulty to rank on Google Easily.

Logo and Pictures

A website logo is a specific small design adopted by a website for its unique identity. The most common logo position used by websites is the right top corner of the website.

There are a number of logo maker apps and websites that allow free logos. One of the best logo makers of all is Pixabay and Adobe express. You can create unique and beautiful logos for your website using these tools.

The pictures used on the website should be optimized as well. The best picture format that is suggested by Google is WP format. A picture cannot be used on a website by copying it from another website. It may lead to copyright strikes. So, we always need to edit a picture before using it on our website.

The first thing to edit a picture is to change the background of the image. A background remover can be used for this purpose. Again, you can choose between Pixabay and Adobe Express as a background remover.

Website Content

Website content is the information available on a website for the visitors. The website content must be unique, and it should answer the queries of the audience.

There are some AI tools that are used for content writing for a website. Closercopy and Copyscape are the most effective artificial intelligence tools for content writing. Most of the writers use the tools to seek ideas for their article. But as they are AI tools so we cannot rely on them completely.

 Google also does not like AI content so the website can be penalized. Therefore, we should use these tools just to gain ideas. For more effective results we should use Closercopy and Copyscape together.

Content Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is the duplicate content that is present on another website too. Google penalizes such websites that have a high ratio of plagiarism. Once our content is ready to be uploaded on a website, we make sure that it is plagiarism free.

For this purpose, we need to use a tool that can tell us accurately where the duplicate sentences are. We can use Turnitin plagiarism checker for this purpose. Turnitin is the best plagiarism checker tool so far. It can help us to locate duplicate content easily.

Website Backlink Building

The next step in setting up a website is Backlink building. Backlinks the links that other websites direct to our website. There are two types of backlinks consisting of Do follow back link and no follow backlink.

As for as backlink building is concerned it should be done manually or we should hire an expert for this purpose. Google crawlers take backlinks seriously and they penalize the websites that are using AI backlink building tools.


The tools we use every day for our business are no doubt very helpful to us. They can help us in our research and can boost our reward from efforts. In addition to their benefits, they too have some limitations. These tools are not always accurate. So, we cannot rely on them completely. To increase your accuracy, always use multiple tools for a single operation. In this way you will get more reliable results.



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