Tips for Exotic Vacation Home Décor

If you own a vacation home, you might want to make it feel as exotic as possible to ensure that you are in the right mood for your vacation whenever you step inside it. To ensure that a beautiful and tropical setting always surrounds you, here are some top tips for exotic vacation home décor in 2023.

·        Use Stencils

If you often despair that the walls or flooring of your vacation home are too bare, you should consider using stencils to add a little bit of excitement to these features of your home. You might often dream of beautiful, patterned walls and flooring when you imagine your ideal vacation home, but you might believe this is impossible outside of investing in bright wallpaper. However, stencils can transform the plainest painted walls and the simplest tiles or flooring and make them much more vibrant and eye-catching. By using stencils, your walls and floors can become features of your home in their own right. Then, if you are interested in using stencils in your vacation home, you should look around for websites that can offer you custom stencils that could help to bring your vision for your home to life.

·        Add Plants

If your vacation home feels clinical, you should consider adding exotic plants to rooms such as the living room and bathroom, especially if they get lots of light. These plants should be representative of the types of plants grown in the climate in which your home is situated. For instance, if your vacation home is in a Mediterranean climate, you might consider opting for lemon and other fruit trees. This will help you to remember the beauties of your destination even when you are inside. However, you might be concerned that the plants that you invest in will not be able to flourish when you are away. As well as investing in hardy plants that are used to desert climates, such as cacti, you might also look around for high-quality artificial plants that you can put scents on that can boost your mood just as much as real ones.

·        Create an Outdoor Living Space

Those who live in a much colder climate might find being able to spend a lot of time outside a novelty. Then, if you want to make the most of the weather while you can, you should pour money into creating an outdoor living space for your home. Within this, you should consider hanging up a hammock and beautiful rattan sofas and tables that look both natural and exotic. It would help if you also considered laying down soft furnishings in bold colors that have similar patterns to those that are popular within your destination. This can then ensure that you can get what you want out of your vacation home.

·        Lay Down a Rug


You should also add to the tropical look of your home by laying down a rug in an exciting and vivid pattern, as this can act as a centerpiece for your living room or bedroom. You might even consider buying a rug in your destination country as this will help you to blend your home décor in with the décor of other houses in the area. This will also give you a chance to support local business owners.

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