Types of Financial Security in a Relationship

If money is a determining factor of whether or not you’ll stay in a relationship with somebody or even begin one in the first place, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed by it. After all, if you’re investing yourself in a relationship, it’s only logical that you want every aspect of it to be stable, including the financial one. This doesn’t have to mean that money is your priority, nor does it mean that financial security is the only type of security you seek in a relationship, but it can still be a deal-breaker in some cases. On the other hand, there are those who place value in emotions over the material features of the relationship. If you’re wondering whether finances are as crucial or as irrelevant as you consider them to be, here are some reasons why they can be important in your relationship and ways to stay financially secure.

Talking About It

At the beginning of a relationship, when you’re getting to know your partner and you aren’t sure whether your relationship will grow or not, even mentioning money might feel awkward. For some people, money is not a huge issue, as they’re guided by emotions above everything else, but others, who are more practical, might be compelled to open the topic of their partner’s earnings. Furthermore, they’ll want to be clear about their partner’s habits when it comes to spending money and how responsible they are about it. For those people, these are some of the deciding factors that will determine if they’ll stay with a person or not, which makes the conversation about finances an essential one for the course of their relationship. The reasons behind this vary. Some people don’t want to risk staying with somebody who has debts or somebody who wastes money, which means that there’s a risk that their partner will lean on them too much for money. On the other hands, there are those who want to know their partner will be able to provide for them. In either case, if you want to relationship to work, you should let your partner in on your expectations and priorities, so that they can make their own decision about you and the relationship as well.

Being Supported by Your Partner

Looking for a partner who you can rely on financially isn’t unusual. In fact, for some people, physical appearance, intelligence or sense of humor aren’t nearly as attractive as the financial stability their partner brings into the relationship. Sometimes you’ll need support in order to become financially independent in the future or to put yourself in a position to contribute more to your joint budget down the road. In such case, perhaps you need your partner to pitch in more for a while, so that you can take time off work to finish school or take a course that will allow you a better position at work and a salary that goes with it. You may be anxious or afraid to ask your partner for help, but if your relationship is strong enough, they’ll understand and probably won’t have a problem with helping you out. The solution is to make it clear what you anticipate in your relationship. For instance, some attractive women expect their partner to shower them with luxurious gifts and to take care of them financially, which is why they opt for fun and honest sugar dating with mature, well-situated men who can accommodate them with whatever it is they need. As long as everything is transparent and both parties are aware of the other one’s intension from the start, there’s no reason for such a relationship not to be a fulfilling and caring one.

Supporting Your Partner

Once your relationship becomes more serious, and you’re the one that makes more, you might find yourself in a situation where your partner needs some funding. This may be because they’ve lost their job, they are unable to work or that they’re trying to receive formal education and can’t put in their regular work hours. Aside from that, couples with children sometimes decide for one of them to quit their job and stay at home to take care of their family. In all of those cases, for the relationship to function well, it’s vital that there is enough intimacy and trust between the partners. When you’re the one that’s making money in the relationship, it’s imperative that you’re OK with the arrangement, that you’re aware that your partner is devoted to you or your family and that they are doing their best to grow in the relationship. Again, the key is communication. As long as both of you are open about your expectations, there is less chance that one of you will ultimately feel betrayed or disappointed. Failing to discuss this early on could lead to resentment and bitterness, which you should avoid, as they could ruin the relationship.

Splitting the Bill

Being in a relationship in which both you and your partner are completely financially independent individuals and you agree to combine your incomes to pay your bills, it’s more likely you’ll feel equal to your partner in every way. Plus, merging finances can be the basis of a long and prosperous relationship. In addition, when the partners share a household and both bring in money into it, it takes away the stress of money-related uncertainty and imbalance. Actually, this might create an atmosphere in which partners work together towards a common goal, which can bring them closer together and build their respect and understanding for each other. Of course, this is something that both partners should be comfortable with, which is why having a sincere conversation about it is paramount.

You can accomplish being financially secure in a relationship in more than one way, but each of them requires direct and straightforward communication if you want the relationship to advance and last. So, don’t hesitate mentioning any concerns you have to your partner, so that you can work through them together and know precisely where you stand in your relationship.

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