A good make-out session is usually spontaneous by being in the moment. Things you should keep in mind. Dress sexy, and keep your mouth clean, be a tease.

There is something hot about a great make-out session. Not only are your lips tangled with each other, but your body should also be in-synced. The sensation of a great kiss is felt so passionately on the lips as it is the softest part of the body.


This mouth-to-mouth interaction and connection creates a weird but sensual tingling sensation throughout the two connected bodies.


It might seem that kissing is a simple act, but it is not quite so. It is not like smushing two lips against each other. It is much more than that. There is a certain DO’S and DON’TS when it comes to making out.


Want to know what they are? Let’s find out.


1.     Dress A Bit Sexy!

You know the best make-out tip has nothing to do with actually kissing or any technique at all. It’s all about what you are wearing while kissing.


If you want to heat the situation, then wearing a sexy top or a sext dress will undoubtedly do the trick. Much better than wearing something baggy like a sweatshirt or joggers.


Wearing something sexy will turn your partner on, and the make-out session is undoubtedly going to be very passionate enough. Wear something light so that your partner can slide his hands up your dress if he wants to.


2.     Keep Your Mouth Clean

Before you are going to kiss someone, it is always instructed to keep your mouth clean and proper. This means brushing beforehand, floss daily, and you should apply lip balm on your lips so as to keep your lips moist and soft.


To be ready, you should carry a mouthwash with you as precautionary, or you might carry mints or mouth spray with you as well to keep your mouth minty fresh. This helps both of you to have a hot make-out session.


If you are close to someone, then good breadth matters a lot. Bad breath can spoil the good and is a big turn-off. Also, it is good to carry perfume with you for a quick spray.

3.     Gentle Sucking, Then Hard While Making Out

Many people don’t know the exact techniques of kissing. But it is universally agreed upon that gentle sucking can go a long way. Initially, start with gentle sucking on the lips and the mouth, then after a while, go for hard passionate kissing.


You should suck your partner's lips into your mouth and then give it a good one or two long suckings, then let them go, then again resume kissing.


After doing this for a while, dig deep into making out hard with a lot of passion and heat between you two. Don’t shy away from nibbling on your partner's lips a little bit as well.


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4.     Be A Tease

Teasing your partner a lit bit with playful licking or nibbling is an effective way to turn them on before any make-out session. You can play with their hair or caress their arms and upper thighs to further spice up the moment.


You can even put your hand in their hair and gently caress through their hair which is a turn-on for sure. You can make physical contact to further induce the sexy feeling between the two of you.


You can even kiss them everywhere other than your partner's mouth, which will be very teasing and also sexy for your partner. Don’t shy away from a bit of foreplay as well, and it is always the best thing to do.


Whether you are in a serious relationship or a one night stand, then also making things hot through a little bit of foreplay and teasing goes a long way.


5.     Make Eye Contact While Kissing

While kissing, you should pull back and make slight eye contact with your lover, and this will make things even more passionate and indicate that both of you are ready for even more.


This pulling way while kissing can also indicate dirty talk and a more profound passion for something more. The eye contact with a naughty smile and a twinkle in both of your eyes ramps things up for sure.


The eye contact can also show how into both of you are with each other. By making eye contact, you can anticipate whether they are looking for something more than just a make-out session or not.



Making out with your partner can be very sexy, obviously, if the both of you are into it. To have a great make-out session, the first thing you should do is to keep it out of your head. Don’t overthink it at all.


Just go with the flow, and if you two are into it. Then the make-out will be unique, sensual, and very passionate.


With your increased intimacy, you both can create an extraordinary moment, intensifying every moment.


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