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If you've been in a morning rush, you know why keeping your clothes well organized and within easy rich is essential. Organized clothes are easily visible, saving you time, reducing clutter, and creating more space.

When it comes to organizing clothes, hangers are crucial tools to have. They offer a cheap way to ensure everything is well-kept and within easy reach. Hangers are designed with a shoulder-like shape that helps keep your clothes wrinkle-free. It protects your clothes in the closet from creases.

However, there are many types of hangers, from wooden to plastic and metallic. Unfortunately, the wide options make finding a durable and functional hanger tricky, especially when on a budget.

Here's all you need to know to help you pick the best hangers while saving money.

6 Things to Consider When Buying Hangers


1. Material

Metal hangers are popular because they are reliable and can serve you long when well-maintained. Premium metal hangers from reputable manufacturers come with a strong build that can support heavy clothes like jackets. Others are designed with notches for securing clothes with straps to prevent slipping.

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Plastics offer a cheap way to organize your clothes. Because of their wide availability, plastics are used by many people despite offering a short-term hanging solution. They break easily when used for hanging heavy clothes.

Wooden hangers are more durable than plastic and don't deform like wire hangers. They offer a stylish way to hang light to heavy clothes without misshaping them. On the downside, they can easily crack when you apply pressure and are a more expensive option.

Fabric hangers are designed for delicate clothes; hence, they are not versatile. The common ones are velvet and satin hangers.


2. Usability

Clothes hangers are designed for different uses hence the unique features each carries. They can be pants, suits, or shirt hangers. Choose one that is ideal for your needs. For instance, you can choose heavy-duty hangers for keeping heavy clothes like jackets, coats, or wet clothes.

Space hangers are the best versatile option as they accommodate more than one cloth. They are designed with hanging loops that hold clothes saving space. The multi hangers are also a nice choice as they allow you to hang similar clothes like trousers together.


3. Size and shape

There is just about a hanger for every type of clothing out there. When deciding on the size and shape of the hanger, you want to consider the type of clothing and the size of the space in your closet. For limited spaces, versatile and slim hangers are ideal as they allow you to organize multiple clothes. 


4. Brand

When it comes to choosing a brand, it's all about quality. The goal is to buy an affordable hanger without compromising quality and durability. It's advisable to buy from reputable brands because they go above and beyond to offer value to their customers. However, you can still find reliable upcoming brands.


5. Style

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If you have a sense of fashion, you want a hanger that fits your personality. While this might seem small, buying hangers you feel proud about influences your attitude toward your wardrobe. For minimalists, a less detailed hanger is the best, while others may prefer patterned and colored hangers. Regardless of your tastes and preference, the most important aspect is the hanger's functionality.


6. Price

The price of the hanger is an important factor and can influence your choice. When setting a budget, you first need to decide on the choice of material. You can then find one with good quality and within your budget. A great tip to keep the cost low is to buy in bulk and timing for price discounts from sellers.

4 Ways to Buy Cheap Hangers


·        Shop Online

Thanks to technology, hangers are no longer only available at retail stores. Online stores give you access to wide options at relatively lower prices and for the same or better quality than retailers. That's because leading online sellers like Amazon and eBay bypass middlemen and break the bulk, reducing the overall cost.


·         Buy from Big Retail Stores

Established retail stores like Walmart and Target are nice places to get your hangers for a lower price. They pack various items in variations, allowing you to compare their hangers. You can find amazing deals at these big box retail stores when trying to save money.


·         Wait for Sales Promotions

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To boost sales or clear stock, most stores, both online and brick-and-mortar, offer discounts. Watch out for end years of offers or even sign up with them to be notified whenever a sales promotion occurs.


·         Buy from Second Shops

You can save some money by buying cheaply priced second-hand hangers. Apart from physical stores, some websites and apps offer second-hand luxury products. Just ensure they are in good condition to get value for your money.

Here are important tips on using hangers:

·         Use light and fragile hangers to hang lift clothes like lingeries, scarfs, ties, etc

·         Avoid hanging wet clothes using wooden or metal hangers to prevent stains. Plastic hangers are the best for that purpose.

·         Hang elastic clothes loosely to keep their elasticity.

·         Avoid overusing clip hangers as they can leave marks on the clothes on frequent use.

·         Focus on steadiness more than design when buying hangers.

·         Use plastic hangers to keep light clothes that metal hangers can easily stain.

·         Hang colored clothes on non-white hangers to prevent stain marks on the hangers.


Let's face it, folding clothes is time-consuming, and even when folded, clothes can easily get disorganized. This is why everybody needs a hanger to keep clothes neatly organized. It also makes finding clothes easy, saving you a lot of time. However, you need to find one that best suits your needs to get the most from it.

This guide provides useful tips that can help you afford quality hangers. When investing in a hanger, choose a reputable brand for premium products that offer value for money. Regardless of how good the deal sounds, don't be tempted by inferior products, which might be expensive in the long run.

With these tips on your hands, get yourself functional and durable hangers. Practice these organizational tips and see how keeping your space organized and neat is rewarding.



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